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AZRA EP Release Show at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Singer-songwriter AZRA held an EP release show at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on Friday, July 28th for the release of her EP The Chronicles of Substance Pop: The Rebellion. The show kicked off her West Coast tour, which includes stops in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle. Before AZRA went on stage, she was supported by the band THE EGOS, which happened to be THE EGOS' first show. They started around 9:45 and finished their set about 30 minutes later. AZRA hit the stage at about 10:30 and started with the first song off the EP, “6th Dimension.” Right away, the energy was electric, not only from AZRA and her band but from the crowd as well. Going off the energy. They went straight into the next song, which was “All Out.” She then performed her next song “i wish you would cry.”

Photos by Sabrina Shahryar.

One thing I really enjoyed about AZRA was how engaging she is with the crowd. After each song, she made sure to talk with the fans. With it being the EP release show, she let everyone know that there was a photo booth and small bites in the back for everyone to go and enjoy. The small bites consisted of Korean food since AZRA is Korean-American.

The next song was a cover song. AZRA performed a cover of Alicia Keys' “Girl on Fire,” but with an AZRA pop rock twist and the crowd immediately started singing along. Going in order of the EP tracklist, the next song was “Bring Me The Crown.” Before playing “Bring Me the Crown,” AZRA showed everyone how to put on their own crowns. Using one hand to put on the crown because everyone has the other half on them already. Then with everyone having their full crowns on, she started the song. With that, it was time for the last song of the set “Soul Ties.”

If you happen to live in any of the West Coast cities AZRA will be performing in be sure to get tickets and watch the show.


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