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Baby FuzZ - Welcome To The Future (Season 1)

Updated: May 24, 2021

Album artwork for Baby FuzZ's latest album, Welcome To The Future (Season 1).

Release Date: February 5, 2021 Genre: Indie Pop, Rock Label: Blanket Fort

The American singer-songwriter Baby FuzZ, the alter ego of the accomplished Sterling Fox, is back with his latest album, Welcome To The Future (Season 1). Some years ago, Fox was on his way to being a major player in music with his songwriting within the pop music scene. He had written an assortment of hits with Britney Spears, Madonna, Lana Del Rey, Adam Lambert, Avicii, Adam Levine, Lindsey Sterling, and many others. However, shortly following the 2016 presidential election in the United States, he quit music abruptly and moved to Montreal. Fast forward to 2018, he reemerged under his current persona, simply known as Baby FuzZ, and began dropping singles off his 2019 DIY debut album, Plastic Paradise. Now, 2021 has come and has Baby FuzZ releasing his second album after dropping a few singles throughout the second half of 2020.

To start, Welcome To The Future (Season 1) jumps all over the map with its sub-genres. It has a little bit of something for every listener. Baby FuzZ is a unique, immensely talented songwriter all across the board. Baby’s new album swerves considerably off course from his debut, with his songwriting talents highlighted more than ever on Welcome To The Future (Season 1). The seven-track rollercoaster of a concept album is set in a future dystopian America -where they too are in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of Welcome To The Future… was made while Baby was in quarantine in Los Angeles and it’s unquestionably an ode to bedroom-made music in whole.

The album kicks off with the four-and-a-half-minute opening title track, “Welcome To The Future.” It immediately showcases Baby FuzZ’s shift to a more rounded pop direction from his previous album. “Welcome To The Future” is reminiscent of bands like fun. and A Great Big World, if they had set a song in a fictional future dystopian America that is polluted from the point of view of two suburbanites named Kevin and Karen and from Maggie, an orca that is struggling within a garbage-filled ocean. The opening track is quite the harrowing number that tackles a possible reality the earth could very well see. The following number, “Weekend Blues,” takes a bit of a turn musically with its full fledge emotion that tackles sadness/depression, and is loaded to the brim with an entanglement of trumpets and face hitting synths that drives deep into your ear and infects your brain. This brings us to the single, “Before Our Time.” A brazen rock track that Baby FuzZ wrote with singer-songwriter LP -and also features her. “Before Our Time,” tells a story about a friendship that occurs, as the title suggests, well before its time.

The fourth track and album’s first single is a fun little number that not only has strenuous energy behind it, but it’s quite eccentric and has an infectious melody throughout its entire two minutes and thirty-two seconds. It’s best described as the “dark” version of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” but instead of touching on world issues, it touches on dying, with influences drawn from all the craziness and darkness going on in the world today. “We’re All Gonna Die!!!” is unapologetically alt. rock at its core, with all the shades of pop streaming through the cracks, and even features a punk rock section to give the song a huge bang to close it out on an astronomical level.

“I’m Trying My Freakin’ Best” is just one of the final three tracks on Welcome To The Future (Season 1) and it’s a heartfelt, emotionally driven piano ballad. There’s a little bit of good old fashion rock sprinkled into it that gives it a huge standout mention. The penultimate track, “Hood Life,” tackles the long asked question, “What is it like to be living that good life…” and Baby does it with no ease with a mid-tempo pop tune. Last but not least, easily one of the album’s most ethereal tracks, this ambient saxophone riddled track is simply beautiful in its own kind of way. While the song is about dropping acid at a Dodgers game, the overall atmosphere the track conveys is otherworldly, intense, but somehow at the same time, it’s soft and subtle. A great bow out to the entire record.

If you are looking for something relative to the pop duo A Great Big World to the indie-pop supergroup fun., maybe even the glam rock of Queen, or just something that’s abundant of no artistic limits, then Welcome To The Future (Season 1) is an album for you. The seven songs on the album are pure, honest artistic expressions that tell a harrowing tale of a possible future of the world. That additionally is chock full of conservationism, clever symbolism, and topped with classic American absurdity. Be sure to stay in touch with Baby Fuzz by visiting his social media and make sure to stream and purchase Baby’s second release come February 5th.


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