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bludnymph Returns With New Single and Music Video For "Watch Me"

Last week, the continuously rising Canadian indie pop/dark rap artist bludnymph returned with her brand-new single, "Watch Me," and dropped an accompanying music video alongside the single's release.

Single artwork for bludnymph's brand new single, "Watch Me," out now!

"With every song I make, I can feel myself learning and growing as an artist. I have always been so very much myself and I can feel my inner world opening up to the outside world more and more, getting more comfortable sharing secrets and feelings from the deepest depths of my soul," blud explains. bludnymph -or also known by some by her social media handle BBBLUD- has amassed over half a million followers on TikTok alone. Since gathering a following on social media, blud has been releasing singles for the last couple of years as another artist that's bending genres and creating unique songs from elements of rap and pop. Among her eclectic singles over the last two years, songs such as "Mozart," "moonwater," "FEAST (Let's Eat Yuh Yuh)," "Lights Out," "Incognito," and a remix to her song "FEAST," which featured a verse by TiaCorine, have accumulated over five and a half million streams on Spotify to date.

More about the single, blud herself shares:

On the day I created my new single, 'Watch Me,' I went into the studio with the intention of making a song that let me embody the feeling of being an evil siren. FAANGS, Cirkut (two of my closest collaborators) and I built off that vibe and it became all about an evil, sexy siren stripper who uses her magical powers to steal everyone’s money.

I started taking pole dancing lessons two months before we shot the 'Watch Me' music video so I had a little experience under my belt. It’s SO HARD but SO MUCH FUN. I’ve wanted to try it forever so this was a great reason to do it. We rented out a pole and took it to a beautiful forest-y lookin’ location. I knew it would be difficult but oh boy… I did not know HOW difficult. We couldn’t get the ground fully even, so the pole was on an angle. Since it was so cold out, condensation was forming and it was aggressively slippery. It was a full moon when we filmed so anytime I would start feeling anxious about things not going smoothly, I would just look up at it and remember that I am magic. I think it helped because I love the way the shots turned out.

There have been many times in my life that I’ve very seriously considered stripping as a career path so maybe one day I’ll get to try it out for real. Big respect to all my sexy siren strippers out there. Let 'Watch Me' inspire a confidence within that makes you feel like you can have anything with just one look."


Check out more from bludnymph: Website | TikTok | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Twitch

The most recent press photo of the Canadian pop/rap artist bludnymph. Photo by Alexis Castillo.
Photo courtesy of Alexis Castillo.

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