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Enterprise Earth - Death: An Anthology

Album artwork for Death: An Anthology, the fifth studio album from American deathcore outfit Enterprise Earth.

Release Date: February 2, 2024 Genre: Deathcore Label: MNRK Heavy

Spokane, Washington-based deathcore powerhouse Enterprise Earth has unleashed their fifth studio album, Death: An Anthology, out this Friday, February 2, 2024, via MNRK Heavy, marking a new milestone in their relentless musical journey. Since the band's formation in 2014, the band has slowly become a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene, blending raw intensity with profound lyrical themes, that share through provoking questions.

Death: An Anthology opens with "Abyss," setting the tone with its relentless assault of punishing riffs and guttural vocals. The album's tracklist is a testament to the band's evolution, showcasing their ability to craft complex compositions that seamlessly blend brutality with melody. Tracks like "Face of Fear" and "Spineless" demonstrate Enterprise Earth's penchant for crafting intricate sonic landscapes that captivate the listener from start to finish.

One of the album's standout moments is "The Reaper's Servant," featuring a guest appearance by Spite vocalist Darius Tehrani, which adds a new dimension to the band's sound. The collaboration showcases Enterprise Earth's willingness to push boundaries and explore new territories within their genre.

"King of Ruination" featuring Shadow Of Intent vocalist Ben Duerr and "Malevolent Force" featuring ex-The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch are other highlights, showcasing the band's ability to integrate guest performances into their sonic tapestry seamlessly. These tracks exemplify Enterprise Earth's dedication to evolving their sound while staying true to their core identity.

The album reaches a pivotal point with "Curse Of Flesh," featuring Trivium's Matthew Heafy, where the band delivers a relentless onslaught of aggression and emotion. It's a fitting conclusion to an album that explores the theme of death from various perspectives, offering a cathartic experience for both the band and the listener, and striking a very thought-provoking topic for something everyone experiences in various ways throughout our lives.

Death: An Anthology is a testament to Enterprise Earth's growth as musicians and storytellers. With this release, they have solidified their position as one of the leading forces in modern deathcore, offering a compelling blend of technical prowess and emotional depth. As they continue to evolve, Enterprise Earth remains a band to watch, and Death: An Anthology is a testament to their enduring impact on the metal scene.


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