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Ice Nine Kills - I Heard They Kill Live!!

Updated: May 25, 2021

The album artwork for Ice Nine Kills's new live album, I Heard They Kill Live!!

Release Date: October 30, 2020 Genre: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore Label: Fearless Records

The Boston, Massachusetts-based metalcore/post-hardcore band Ice Nine Kills have released their new and their second live release this year, I Heard They Kill Live!! The live record was recorded at their sold-out home state show in Worchester, Massachusetts, live at The Palladium on the night of November 30, 2019. This live album particularly features a majority of tracks from their 2018 album The Silver Scream, as well as fan favourite tracks in the likes of “The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage,” “Hell In The Hallways,” and also includes a cover of Michael Jackson’s 1982 smash hit “Thriller.” The live audio on I Heard They Kill Live!! was recorded by Elmo Ortega, produced by frontman Spencer Charnas, and finally mixed by Steve Sopchak.

Ortega, Charnas, and Sopchak recorded, produced, and mixed a marvellously sharp-sounding live record with I Heard They Kill Live!! With the state of the live music industry right now, a live album is an exhilarating and nostalgic experience than it has ever been before. Everything you hear on the nineteen track album is audible and is as crisp as if you were at the venue enjoying and taking in the concert in person. Between the samples used during the performance to the fans in attendance, the entire essence of the show is intact and on full display. The guitars performed by Dan Sugarman and Ricky Armellino chug along to Joe Occhiuti’s fun bass lines and the vocals from Charnas and Armellino force their way on top of it all. You can’t forget that all of Patrick Galante’s drums slam hard behind everything else.


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