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Infected Rain - Time

Album artwork for Infected Rain's sixth album, Time.

Release Date: February 9, 2024 Genre: Metalcore, Groove Metal Label: Napalm Records

Moldovan metal band Infected Rain are back with their sixth studio album, Time, via Napalm Records, and it marks a significant milestone for the band, showcasing their heaviest and most experimental anthems to date. Following their most successful years in 2022 and 2023, which included the release of their acclaimed fifth album, Ecdysis, and performances at major festivals alongside renowned acts like Butcher Babies and Wednesday 13, Infected Rain is set to elevate their status even further with Time.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Valentin Voluta, Time features the talents of returning members - frontwoman Lena Scissorhands, guitarist Vidick, and drummer Eugene Voluta- along the outfit's latest member bassist Alice Lane. The album is described by the band as "an homage to every fleeting second, every heartbeat, and every breath that has led us to this moment."

Time stays true to Infected Rain's signature style while incorporating progressive, electronic, and nu-metal elements into the fold. Infected Rain's new album kicks off with "BECAUSE I LET YOU," a track brimming with energy, aggressive lyrics, and Lena Scissorhands' commanding vocals. The previously released single "DYING LIGHT" blends subterranean heaviness with rhythmic grooves and features an unexpected EDM passage, showcasing the band's versatility.

"NEVER TO RETURN" introduces trip-hop elements and far eastern instrumentation, while "LIGHTHOUSE" juxtaposes soft verses with intense auditory shifts, creating a melodic ode to self-empowerment. "VIVARIUM," a standout track driven by djent influences, delivers haunting vocals and a warning about society's fleeting freedoms.

"THE ANSWER IS YOU" and "ENMITY" showcase Infected Rain's ability to seamlessly transition between various elements of EDM, synthwave, and drum and bass, while "GAME OF BLAME" delves into themes of hypocrisy and emotional pain, featuring a searing breakdown. "PANDEMONIUM" and "UNPREDICTABLE" explore the uncontrollable energy of the future and past, respectively, with angelic verses and hard-hitting instrumentation.

Closing the album is the track "PAURA," a journey of self-discovery sung in both Italian and English, urging listeners to overcome their fears. The album officially concludes with the immense ambient track "A SECOND OR A THOUSAND YEARS," providing a calm ending to this experimental musical journey that the band has stamped simply as Time.

Infected Rain showcases their evolution on Time, as they continue to push the boundaries of their sound and further experimenting with different elements and ideas to expand on their sound. With its diverse range of tracks and dynamic compositions, this album solidifies Infected Rain's position as continued rising stars within the metal scene.


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The latest press photo of Moldavian metal outfit Infected Rain.
Photo courtesy of Victoria Wonka Tututescu.

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