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Interview With Singer-Songwriter Aneessa

You mentioned that your music is like "listening to Sade with sparkles." Could you elaborate on what you mean by "sparkles" and how it manifests in your music's style?

Aneessa: I'm a French artist singing in America, and I consider myself the "Sparkles" here – bringing a unique flavour and energy to the American music scene. Just as sparkles catch your eye and add excitement, my French background and style enhance the music experience for Americans. Like sparkles that make things stand out, I bring something distinct and exciting!

Press shot for singer Aneessa.

Your stage name "Aneessa" holds a special meaning related to the person whom we love the company. How does this concept resonate with your artistic journey and the emotions you aim to convey through your music?

A: The name Anissa, "Aneessa" is Arabic and means "friendly," "companion," or "affectionate." It reflects warmth and strong connections with others. In my music, I mix feelings of connection, love, and a wish to stir strong emotions. With me, they're in good company!

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres and artists, such as Motown, R&B, soul, and Madonna, how do you blend these influences to create a unique musical identity that represents you as an artist?

A: Mixing different influences lets me create a sound that's truly mine. I take inspiration from Motown, R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz sounds, and Madonna, blending bits of each into my music. This makes my style unique and reflects all the things that inspire me. Collaborations can bring new dimensions to your music. Could you share an example of a hypothetical scenario where your mood aligns with a specific musician or producer, leading to an exciting collaborative project?

A: I'm thrilled to say that I am already living my dream collaboration with my husband and producer, Michael B. Sutton, who's worked with Motown legends like Michael Jackson, Smokie Robinson, Jermaine Jackson, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Dionne Warwick, and more... Together, as a team, we share the same vision and we've crafted tracks that blend nostalgia and modernity, resulting in an unforgettable musical experience!

Your upcoming song "MERCI" conveys themes of gratitude, resilience, and self-empowerment. Can you share a personal experience or source of inspiration that prompted you to write this particular song?

A: "MERCI" was inspired by moments of overcoming challenges and expressing gratitude for personal growth. It stemmed from my own experiences of resilience, reminding me to appreciate the journey and empower myself.

"I Found Myself in You" is a duet with your husband and explores the theme of finding someone special. Could you delve deeper into how your personal connection with your husband influenced the song's creation and its emotional impact?

A: "I Found Myself In You" is deeply influenced by my husband's unwavering support. Our connection served as a muse, guiding the creation of the song's emotional journey and helping us capture the genuine feelings of finding someone special.

With a preference for performing in your hometown due to missing your family, how does your personal connection to your roots influence the energy and emotions you bring to your live performances?

A: In the future, I would love to sing in my hometown. With a preference for performing there, because I miss my family, my personal connection to my roots has a strong impact on the energy and emotions I bring to my live songs. Knowing my loved ones are in the audience adds passion to my stage presence. It's like sharing my music with old friends, making the experience more heartfelt. This connection to my roots infuses my performances with memories and stories, making them deeply emotional and memorable for both me and the audience.

In the context of staying healthy, well, and productive, could you provide some insights into how you balance your creative pursuits with self-care and maintaining a positive mindset?

A: Balancing creativity with self-care involves setting boundaries, practicing mindfulness, and nurturing positive thoughts. I often find inspiration from life experiences and channel them into my music, helping me grow as an artist.

As an artist, growth and evolution are often important. How do you envision your music evolving in the coming years, and are there any new directions you're excited to explore?

A: In the coming years, I envision my music evolving through experimentation with new sounds, exploring different genres, and collaborating with artists from various backgrounds. This journey will allow me to connect with even broader audiences while staying true to my essence.

Your music seems to carry a strong emotional undertone. Can you share a memorable fan interaction or message you've received that highlights the impact your music has had on someone's life?

A: One impactful fan message shared how my song helped them through a tough time. Knowing that my music can provide comfort and solace to others reaffirms my purpose as an artist.

Given your appreciation for ballads and smooth songs, are there any specific musical elements or techniques you consistently infuse into your music to create a sense of intimacy and connection with your listeners?

A: To create intimacy, I focus on emotive vocal delivery and poignant lyrics accentuated by great music productions. These elements combined help forge a deep connection between my music and my listeners.

Could you share an anecdote about a challenging moment in your musical journey and how you overcame it, providing insight into your personal growth as an artist?

A: A challenging moment I faced was overcoming self-doubt about my music's reception. Through perseverance, support from my husband Michael B. Sutton, and a dedication to improving my craft, I was able to overcome this hurdle and grow both artistically and personally.

Thank you for the thoughtful questions. I hope my answers provide insight into my journey and music!

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