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Interview With Chris Weaver

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

It's clear that your musical journey has been influenced by a diverse range of artists and genres. I'm intrigued by your interest in collaborating with musicians like Adam Duritz and John Mayer, both of whom have distinct styles. Can you elaborate on how you envision your sound evolving if you were to collaborate with them?

Chris: I think a collaboration with them would be amazing, I would imagine we would use more guitars with John Mayer and just follow the lead of Adam Duritz with his roots rock style throw in my vocals for a duo and see what happens. That would be one hell of a night.

Press shot for Chris Weaver.

Your new single from Brazil sounds like a departure from your usual style. Could you tell us more about the creative process behind recording a song with EDM elements and how it fits into your musical repertoire?

C: something we have never done before and EDM is not our regular genre but when you hang out in Brazil with other musicians and great friends anything can happen. "California High" seems to be a song that resonates with you both personally and in performance. Could you delve into the story behind this song and what emotions or experiences it draws from?

C: It's about me performing and growing my music career and the feelings I get when recording music, and performing on stage - it's a total energy high I will never get sick of.

The venues you aspire to perform at, like the Hollywood Bowl and Red Rocks, are legendary in the music world. What is it about these places that captivates you, and how do you think performing in such iconic venues would elevate your musical journey?

C: I don't know thing we would sell these venues out [Laughs]. The history, the scenery, and all of the past amazing performances and musicians that have played in those venues, I would love to be part of that history one day. The singer-songwriter festival you're organizing in River Ranch, Florida, sounds exciting. Can you share more about your vision for this festival and what attendees can expect from the event?

C: At this time we are postponing it for a future date, let's of little details and moving parts, but it will happen in the future. Lastly, as you continue to release new music and videos throughout the year, can you give us a sneak peek into the themes or directions you're exploring with these upcoming songs?

C: Some of the new songs again are just based on me growing up either with my family, living in Nashville and hearing great stories from my friends. "Fast Car Days" is a great song and one I am really proud of that comes out on September 2nd. Thank you once again, Chris, for your time and insights. Your dedication to blending genres and creating meaningful collaborations is truly inspiring. Best of luck with your upcoming projects and events! Find out more about Chris:

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