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Interview With Earth to Jordi

How would you describe your music to any person who may have never heard it before?

Jordi: I am a genre-bender. My range is ridiculous, and years of vocal training have increased my ability to manipulate sound for a plethora of reasons, mainly to heal myself and others. I think resonance-wise, my voice reminds me of Nina Simone, Bobby McFerrin, and the Blue Diva Plavalaguna in the movie The Fifth Element. Because of this sonic variety, I am able to explore lots of different kinds of music. In terms of self-production, my music is mainly meditational, trance based, poetic, spoken, and soundscaped, and I just started to play with my harp in 2020, which has been nice. With other producers, the sky is the limit, and I have explored other genres I wouldn't have been able to do on my own at the moment.

The latest press image for Earth to Jordi.

What’s the significance of your musical moniker? J: I talk to aliens. My understanding of spirituality is one that expands into the multiverse while simultaneously grounding into the core of the planet, acknowledging the connections of everything around me. Earth to Jordi is a reminder to stay within myself, connect to that which brings me energy to continue living and get my head out of the distractive mental clouds to come back down to earth. What are your musical influences? J: I love jazz as a process. With heavy connections to futurism and African diasporic sounds, stories, emotions, rhythms, etc. Liberation of myself and the boxes around me stimulates lots of play in my music. Singing is very ancestral. I am connected to all those that vocalize. Birds, Whales, Grandmothers. What are your musical inspirations? J: I am inspired by choirs. I am inspired by spiritual music. I am inspired by bringing newness to the demographics of people who do not have access to channels like me. Meeting new people. Collaboration is a huge inspiration. Creating art with other like frequencied people, people who have access to resources, people who are visionaries.

If given the chance, what musician(s) would you like to collaborate with? J: Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Fuck U Pay Us, Davia Spain, and Rina Sawayama.

What’s the new song and video about? J: My latest release is the "CHIRON" music video. The song and video both invoke the spirit of the healer, that calls to those with wounds to fight their sickness with strength but also softness. It is an elemental dance between water and fire that allows for the required steam of a sauna to stimulate release.

What’s something you hope people take away from the new song? J: I hope people take more baths. Commune with herbs. Expand the realms of their own self-healing practices and acknowledge sickness that may be presently hiding in the shadows of the body. To bravely shine light in the depths and move through fear around what they may find.

Do you have any favourite songs to perform live? Could be your own music or even a cover. Any reason why? J: I love performing my own music. I haven't performed many of my own songs because of the pandemic, but the performances I have done have always been me channelling sonics for healing in artistically dense spaces. I love opening portals with my voice around people who are so receptive to that kind of experiential exchange of energy.

If you could perform a show this very second anywhere in the world, where would it be? Is there any particular venue(s) or city/cities that comes to mind? J: Because I'm in Sao Paulo now, I would love to perform here. Somewhere with a lot of resonance. Also, Seoul and Osaka, Japan!

What do you currently have planned for the remainder of the year? J: I'm currently participating at an art residency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, so I'm focussing a lot on documentation of my art via film and hopefully deepening my sonic practice by recording a few songs that have been on my mind lately.

Thanks for the time today! Is there anything else you may want to add before you go? J: Thank you for having me! Please visit to support my work on many platforms and tell a friend!


Check out more from Earth to Jordi: Website | Youtube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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