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Interview With Fugitive Moods

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

How would you describe your music to any person who may have never heard it before? FM: Ahhh, the million-dollar question! How does an artist describe their own music? [Laughs]. Well, I've been told it's like chill indie pop with hints of soulful hip-hop and indie rock.

Press shot for singer-songwriter and producer Fugitive Moods.

What’s the significance of your musical moniker? FM: Fugitive Moods comes out of the idea that every life story is a unique assembly of experiences and states of being. A collection of "Fugitive Moods," you could say. Kind of like the ephemeral nature of sound and songs, our feelings come and go and are quick to disappear. Music is deeply meaningful while being beautifully impermanent and transient. Am I getting a little too "woo-woo" for you yet? [Laughs].

What are your musical influences? FM: My early music career was heavily influenced by the socially conscious lyricism and groundbreaking production of '90s-era hip-hop. Tribe, De La, Ganstarr, BDP. I mean, you name it. I knew I wanted to do music, but didn't have access to any instruments or lessons or anything like that, so naturally, I followed in hip-hop's footsteps and started sampling dusty old vinyl. I drew inspiration from an eclectic mix of genres, including soul, jazz, rock, country, and even weird, esoteric ethnic music. In many ways sampling those records was my music education.

As I honed my studio craft, I just experimented and developed a sound and approach that felt right to me. I could hear what was possible outside of Hip Hop in groups like Eels and Portishead too. I just kept reaching for what felt right. I eventually moved away from samples and taught myself how to play different instruments and, in essence, began sampling myself.

What are your musical inspirations? FM: I work hard on production, so I'm always inspired by those producers and artist types out there, but at the end of the day, it's all about the feeling. I usually cry at some point during the song-making process. It's not that it has to be sad, it's that I want it to get honest and real, and that's not ever easy. So life, pain, loss, love, being human, feeling things. That's the inspiration.

If given the chance, what musician(s) would you like to collaborate with? Rather this is to either write a song or be featured on a track. FM: Oh, shit! That's a hard one... Penelope Antena comes to mind right away though. She's a Belgian/French singer-songwriter, and I'm totally smitten with her voice and songwriting. I recently did a cover of one of her songs and thought, "Oh, I would love to work on something with her."

You have your debut single dropping soon, what’s it about? FM: "These Walls" is the much long-awaited debut single and is a bittersweet anthem that urges us to dismantle divisions and rebuild human connections.

I wanted to blend powerful, high-energy drums with moments of serene chill, juxtaposing urgency and calm. I think my distinctive style of layered loops and organic instrumentation creates the perfect setting for this. And I was so fortunate to work with cellist Ted Graham and the cellos are just incredible.

What’s something you hope people take away from the new songs?

FM: The song is about the need for greater understanding among each other in a world that is divided and at the edge. It's about changing perspective and recognizing our collective humanity. I want "These Walls" to resonate with listeners who share my hope for a more inclusive, compassionate, and understanding world.

If you could perform a show this very second anywhere in the world, where would it be? Is there any particular venue(s) or city/cities that comes to mind?

FM: This very second!? It's a toss-up between Amsterdam, Barcelona, and New Orleans. I've played in Amsterdam before. I absolutely love the vibes and the city. I've never played in BCN, but I'm a big-time sucker for the city, and playing a show in New Orleans is on my bucket list.

What do you currently have planned for the remainder of 2023? FM: I'm totally focused on getting "These Walls" out at the moment, but there are a number of singles and an EP slated to release before the end of the year! So keep an eye out for that stuff! Thanks for taking some time out of your day to speak with us. Is there anything else you may want to add before you go? FM: The first is a shameless plug. The second is real talk.

Follow me on socials @FugitiveMoods. Seriously do it, and second, life is short, and a lot of it is really painful, but don't waste another second doing the thing that you think other people want you to do. You should be scared because if you're scared, you're taking risks, and if you're not trying to do something you want, what are you doing with the precious and painful gift of life? Oh, and it's never too late to start. That's it for my PSA. Thanks so much for your time!

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