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Interview With Osyron Vocalist Reed Alton

Osyron is a Canadian progressive symphonic metal band based out of Calgary, Alberta. The five-piece consists of vocalist Reed Alton, guitarist Krzysztof Stalmach, guitarist Bobby Harley, bassist Tyler Corbett, and drummer Cody Anstey. The band bridges the gap between traditional European metal and the music of their homegrown contemporaries. The band's vocalist discusses everything from the band's forthcoming album Momentous, their ambitions, and so much more.

Full band press image for Calgary-based progressive metal 5-piece band Osyron.
Photo courtesy of Monika Daviat.

Hello, how are you doing today Reed? Reed: Doing well, thanks. Beautiful autumn here in Southern Alberta so far. You're set to release your new album, Momentous, on November 4, 2022. How do you compare this record to your previous three? Did you do anything differently this time around that pushed the envelope creatively?

R: I think this is our best effort to date and represents us very well. We all took a leap forward in terms of our songwriting, and I think we all took some creative chances without sacrificing the integrity of the songs themselves. Where does the new album’s title, Momentous, take its inspiration from? R: Because we dealt with such a massive global issue these past three years, we felt we needed a word that would encompass that feeling and emotion well. Thus we came up with "Momentous."

Would you be willing to entice readers with what some of these new tunes are about and how they may work into the album’s title? R: Some songs are near to my heart personally as they are very introspective and deal with certain events and emotions I've dealt with in the last two or so years. We also have songs dealing with society, social hierarchy, history, and aliens. Everything but the kitchen sink, as my Nana would say.

On Momentous, you have features from Into Eternity’s Stu Block and the Polish folk metal band Percival. How was it working with them on this project? R: Both Stu and Percival were fantastic to work with and absolute pros at their crafts. We would do it again if the timing and situation ever called for it! Do you have a dream collaborator you wish you could have had on any previous song or particularly on Momentous? R: Personally? No one, or specific act in particular, only who would suit the song and style that we were trying to portray at that time. Is there any song, or even songs, off the new album that you can’t wait to hear all the fan reactions for? R: Yeah! "Momentous," "Landslide," and "Prairie Sailor." Only because we took different chances and risks musically and as songwriters. I think those three show our diversity as a band.

How was the feeling of winning a YYC Music Award under the category of Best Metal/Hard Recording of the Year for the deluxe version of Kingsbane? R: Very humbling, to say the least since the other acts nominated were just as deserving. But also strange because that album is pretty old to us! You have performed at many festivals over the years, such as Loud as Hell Festival in 2021 and earlier this year in July. If you could be booked on any of the massive European open air festivals which would you pick to perform at and why? R: All of them! But Wacken or Hellfest would be cool too. They always look incredible! You've also performed alongside a long list of major acts, such as Protest the Hero, Into Eternity, The Agonist, Threat Signal, Iron Kingdom, and many more. Do you have a favourite show when you shared the stage with any of these acts? Also, if you could hit the road right now as either the headliner or opening act, what would your dream tour look like? R: They were all great shows, and we were happy to be a part of them! I would say that being on a tour with Unleash The Archers, Evergrey, or Kamelot would be pretty snazzy! Speaking of touring, do you have any imminent plans to tour Momentous across Canada and abroad? R: Yes, we do. We are hitting up a bunch of Western Canadian dates this fall and, hopefully, the US and maybe Europe in the new year! Cross your fingers and toes!

Do you have any funny, interesting, or memorable story from your career so far that still resonates with you today? R: I think being able to work with Stu Block on "The Deafening." Both the song and music video is a very memorable moments in my career thus far.

Thanks for taking the time today to answer some questions, Reed! Is there anything you’d like to add before you go? R: Thanks for the interview! I hope you are safe and healthy, and I hope whoever is reading this checks out our record and checks us out when we roll through their town!


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