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Interview With Ty Shore Music

Tyler Shore Music performing at Downtown Moves 2018.
Tyler Shore Music – 05/5/18 – Photo by Samuel Stevens Photography.

You use your real name, Ty Shore in your musical moniker of Ty Shore Music. Why did you go this route, rather than using something unrelated to your name or even a nickname, a lot like famous rappers and alike have for many years? After searching so long for stage names, I decided to use my real name so someday when I make it people will see my name up there. This way the people who didn’t believe in me see my name in the lights knowing I achieved my dreams.

When did you first start rapping? What got you into the genre in the first place? 2010, while waiting in an airport hoping to have a chance to meet the WWE superstar John Cena to challenge him to a rap battle [laughs]. For those who don’t know, his wrestling gimmick at one point in time was to rap battle his foes. What got me into this genre was Studio 393’s G.A.P. (Graffiti Arts Program) through my neighbourhood community centre. At first, I tried to take part in their hip-hop dance program, but it wasn’t a great fit for me so at the time my buddy Nick and I were huge rap fans so when G.A.P. offered a rap program to start our own music, we instantly said yes.

How long have you been writing songs? Do you create your own beats or outsource the beats you use? I wrote my first song with my producers at the time in 2014. For about two years after that, I had the producers giving me tips and all that. The first time I really wrote my own song, 100% in my own words, was shortly after a songwriting session with Winnipeg’s Most member, Charlie Fettah. That song ended up being my first ever solo single, “Welcome to the Party.” When I first started I was making my own beats alongside my team, but as the years went on I now outsource the beats I have been using.

Are you currently working on anything new? Singles, mixtape/album, etc? I am currently working on a new album, which will be my debut. I plan to drop a few more singles before it drops, so keep posted to my Soundcloud. I am hoping to have this album done for the spring, but we will have to see how this creative process goes [Laughs].

What are your current goals as a musician? My main goal as a musician is to build a big enough name for myself so I can tour throughout Canada and the world. I’d love to meet as many of my fans as possible while spreading the positive message within my music to them all.

So if you could perform a show this very second anywhere in the world, where would it be? Particular venue or city that comes to mind? Winnipeg [laughs]. A few of the main cities I would love to perform in would be Toronto, Vancouver, and literally anywhere in the United Kingdom. Some certain venues that come to mind would have to be Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium. Oh, and certainly Bell MTS Place [Laughs].

Who are some of your musical influences? My overall biggest influence has to be Michael Jackson. Due to his huge passion for wanting to heal the world. The same way I want to do. Others have to be Eminem, Vanilla Ice, and Winnipeg’s Robb Nash.

Why did you release “No Chance for Romance” on Valentine’s Day? I released this song on Valentine’s Day because people are always releasing love anthems around this time of the year, meanwhile, there are tons of single and heartbroken out there. This song is for those who don’t have anyone on Valentine’s Day.

You’ve previously mentioned Studio 393, they helped you get into music. Do they ever showcase talent to perform in the city? Have you performed at these events? Yes. They have many events around Winnipeg where they let their artists showcase their talents. I’ve been included in a majority of them. One I want to mention most was the talent showcase at the West End Cultural Centre.

So to touch on the showcase at the WECC, is there any particular reason that stands out to you? Are there any other favourite performances? The reason that showcase at the West End Cultural Centre stands out the most to me is that it was my first ever performance inside a venue. My other favourite performance was my fourth time performing at Downtown Moves just last year at Portage Place. With the full creative decision in my performance, I was able to share the message of equality with the audience.

Is there a musician dead or alive that you would work with given the chance? I will give you one that’s dead and one that’s alive [Laughs]. Would have to be my influences, Michael Jackson and Eminem. Simple as that.

You had the opportunity to rap, “Ice Ice Baby” with Vanilla Ice now on two separate occasions performing the first and second verse. That must have been a dream come true, was it? Yes! It was a dream come dream true, as Vanilla Ice is one of my favourite rappers! To have one member of the old generation of rap hear one member of the new generation of rap perform a song from the past was a humbling experience. I hope that someday Vanilla Ice and I meet again, but this time it’s in a studio.

Thanks for taking the time Ty. Is there anything you may want to add? No! [Laughs]. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far and I hope that if you’re reading this now you’d continue to come along on this journey with me. Stay tuned to my Soundcloud for more singles soon and hoping everything pulls through for my spring album release. One last thing for anybody who needs a bit of hope, just know it does get better. Stay strong, stay positive!


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