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Life Gets Interesting Tour: Virginia to Vegas, New Friends, and Sofia Camara - Winnipeg, MB

On May 12, 2023, Winnipeg's Park Theatre was the place to be when the Life Gets Interesting Tour featured a lineup of exciting pop and pop rock artists, including the Canadian acts Virginia to Vegas, New Friends, and Sofia Camara. The night began with breakout twenty-year-old pop singer Sofia Camara. Sofia started off with her song "If You Let Me," and the crowd immediately got into her heartfelt music. Her powerful vocals and infectious energy set the tone for the rest of the night. Her set included a number of originals and a couple of covers to get the fans ready for New Friends and Virginia to Vegas. One of the highlights of the night was Sofia's rendition of Justin Bieber's "Ghost." She put her own spin on the song, showcasing her impressive vocal range and emotive delivery. The crowd sang along, swaying to the music and feeling every word. Another standout moment was when Sofia covered Coldplay's "Fix You." Her voice soared over the stadium-sized chorus and it was a beautiful and emotional moment that left everyone feeling all kinds of ways.

Sofia Camara. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Of course, Sofia also performed her own original songs, including "Said It All," "Without You," and "Love Doesn't." Each song was delivered with passion and authenticity, and the crowd sang along when and when not instructed to.

Her set came to a close with Sofia's powerful single "Never Be Yours." Her voice filled the room, and the crowd enjoyed every second. When the song ended, the audience erupted into applause, and without saying a word, the audience gave off the energy that they wanted more. Her vocals were stunning, her energy was infectious, and her passion for music was palpable. If you ever get the chance to see Sofia perform live, I highly recommend it.

Next up, the Toronto-based pop-rock band New Friends took to the stage. The four-piece band, which consists of up of vocalist Stefan Boulineau, keyboardist Ayden Miller, guitarist Cole Wilson, and bassist, guitarist, and vocalist Conrad Galecki, delivered a dynamic, energetic, and engaging set that left the audience wanting more.

New Friends. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

New Friends kicked things off with their catchy tune "Waste My Time," which had the crowd immediately tapping their feet and nodding along. The band's energy was infectious, and they quickly won over the crowd with their upbeat pop-rock sound.

The set continued with "Sad Sugar," "Coming Back," and "Ricochet," all of which showcased the band's tight musicianship and strong vocal harmonies. Lead singer Stefan Boulineau's vocals were particularly impressive, soaring over the band's tight instrumentation.

One of the highlights of the set was when New Friends performed their song "Purple Candy," a catchy and upbeat tune that had the audience singing and dancing along. In a surprise move, Sofia Camara and Virginia to Vegas joined the band on stage to perform the song with them. As they sang, the members of New Friends were even fed cotton candy by the other artists, adding to the fun and playful atmosphere of the show.

To close out their set, New Friends performed a cover of Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne's massive 2008 single "Let It Rock," which had the crowd singing along, jumping around, and just overall letting loose. The band's high-energy performance left the audience buzzing, and many fans were already asking when they could catch New Friends again.

Virginia to Vegas. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Finally, the Ontario-based singer Virginia to Vegas made his long-awaited debut in Winnipeg, and it was a night to remember. With a packed venue and a crowd full of fans, Virginia to Vegas took the stage for the first time in his ten-year career in the city, and he did not disappoint.

From the very first note of "casamigos," the opening track of his set, the crowd was immediately drawn in. Virginia to Vegas' captivating energy and powerful vocals had the audience on their feet, dancing and singing along to every word.

The setlist included hits like "Amnesia," "Fuck Me Up," and "break up with that guy," all of which had the audience singing and swaying along to the beat. One of the standout moments of the night was when Virginia to Vegas performed his cover of Justin Bieber's "Georgia." His version of the song showcased his impressive vocal range and powerful delivery, earning a huge reaction from the audience.

Throughout the show, Virginia to Vegas kept the energy high with tracks like "Told You So," "Selfish," and "What Are We." He showed off his dynamic stage presence and effortless charisma, engaging the audience and making everyone feel like they were part of the show. Additionally, near the end of his set, Virginia to Vegas brought out his merch seller Noelle -who also happens to be a musician herself- to perform their latest single, "daydreaming," together.

The concert ended with Virginia to Vegas' hit song "Lights Out," a high-energy track that had everyone in the audience dancing and singing along. The crowd chanted for an encore, and Virginia to Vegas obliged, returning to the stage to perform "betterman" and "no excuses," leaving the audience wanting more.

Overall, Virginia to Vegas' performance in Winnipeg was a triumph. His powerful vocals, dynamic stage presence, and infectious energy made for an unforgettable night. It's safe to say that the city won't forget the first time Virginia to Vegas took the stage in Winnipeg anytime soon.

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