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Nano Talrose - "Talk You Down" - Single

Updated: May 24, 2021

Single artwork for Ontario Indie-pop artist Nano Talrose's new song "Talk You Down."

Release Date: February 11, 2021 Genre: Indie-pop Label: Invittco Records

The Ontario indie-pop artist Nano Talrose last month released his stunning, heartfelt second single, “Talk You Down.” Nano previously released his acoustic debut single, “Stay Quiet,” in August of 2019. Since that summer, Talrose has been working hard and keeping busy in the studio recording his forthcoming debut EP. Talrose hopes to make his listeners feel the true spirit of what it means to be human while telling stories of love and passion through his pop-infused anthems. “Talk You Down” was co-produced between himself and Damian Birdsey. Birdsey also handled the single’s engineering and mixing.

On the lyrical side of “Talk You Down,” Talrose profoundly tackles mental health. Talrose uses his genuine lyrical and songwriting styles to get deep with the anthemic, immensely emotional track. The song’s powerful hook, “Your heart is all I know when I’m alone,” is all about reassuring your significant other that they are all you want and think about. “Talk You Down” was inspired after having multiple conversations with a best friend of ten years. Leaving Talrose wanting to write the song to set the standard of how you could help your significant other -or anyone for that matter- that has anxiety.

“I wanted to write a song to set the standard of how you could help your significant other when they have anxiety,” states Talrose. “When you are involved with someone who is facing anxiety, overthinking, and worrying, you have to be aware that this mental state is not something they can easily control.”

Musically, “Talk You Down” grows slowly with its subtle guitar before Talrose empathically begins singing out the words to this emotionally charged number. At the thirty-eight-second mark, the song’s hook and chorus first appear, and the track shows its emotional, anthemic self to the listener. The single has a fresh and modern indie-pop feel to it, and it gets this from a blend of Talrose’s influences in the likes of Bon Iver, James Arthur, Billie Eilish, Coldplay, and Harry Styles. “Talk You Down” runs three minutes and twenty-eight seconds. However, on my initial listen and now many, many more listens following, the track does not feel its length, and additionally, it just makes you itching for even more tunes from Talrose.

“You have to be willing to read the signs to support them. Do not get defensive, upset, and cause arguments if they question things due to nervousness. No matter how many times your person needs to feel special, just do it and be understanding,” Talrose continues. “Remind your lover not to think twice about whether or not you love them because their heart and presence feels like home to you.”

“Talk You Down” is just a taste of much more to come from this up-and-coming indie-pop artist from Ontario, Canada. However, you will be able to hear more from Talrose soon as he continues to finalize his forthcoming debut EP. The single demonstrates widely intriguing songwriting that brings a sense of deep emotion that’s close to Talrose personally -both in its lyrics and music. Altogether weaved in with a dose of upbeat spirit to the music’s backbone. This is just the start of a blossoming career for Talrose in pop music. Please stay in touch with Talrose by visiting his social media in the links provided below and make sure to stream and purchase “Talk You Down,” out now on all major music streaming services.


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Press image for the Ontario indie-pop artist Nano Talrose.
Photo courtesy of Maria Bokhari (NXTLVL Media).

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