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Note To Self Tour: Jake Miller, Franklin Jonas, and HARIZ - San Diego, CA

On Sunday, October 15, 2023, Jake Miller brought his Note To Self Tour to the House of Blues' Voodoo Room in San Diego, CA. Jake was supported by the two artists, HARIZ and Franklin Jonas. This was the last stop on Jake's tour, which started on September 13, 2023, in Utah. HARIZ has been supporting Jake from the beginning of the tour, while Franklin Jonas only came out for the San Diego show.

HARIZ. All photos by Sabrina Shahryar.

HARIZ was the first artist on stage. It was just him and his guitar on stage, which made for a more intimate setting and performance. You could see how much he enjoyed performing and interacting with the crowd as he performed his set. HARIZ performed for about thirty minutes and then he ended his set by singing a new unreleased song and the crowd loved it.

Franklin Jonas. All photos by Sabrina Shahryar.

Franklin Jonas performed next, and he came out in a rat costume -as his recently released debut EP is titled, Sewer Rat. He got the crowd all riled up before he took his mask off and once it was off, Franklin started performing the songs off of his EP, Sewer Rat. His performance was fun and full of energy.

Jake Miller hit the stage last, and the crowd immediately went wild. He connected with fans every chance he got and would often step onto the barricade to be closer to them. The energy in the room during the set was insane, not only from the fans but from Jake as well. During Jake's set, he would switch from keyboard and guitar a lot. He is a great performer with an incredible stage presence.

Jake Miller. All photos by Sabrina Shahryar.

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