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Pawns & Kings Tour: Alter Bridge, Sevendust, and MJT - Fargo, ND

The Fargo Brewing Company underwent a magical transformation on August 28th, 2023, as it played host to a night of electrifying rock and alternative metal music under the expansive open sky. The triple bill of MJT, Sevendust, and Alter Bridge orchestrated an unforgettable performance that sent shockwaves of excitement through the crowd, leaving everyone captivated and enthralled. Opening the proceedings, MJT, the purveyors of infectious pop-rock fusion, burst onto the stage with an undeniable charisma. Their vivacious presence instantly forged a connection with the audience, infusing the night with an infectious energy that would persist throughout. As their music reverberated through the air, fans couldn't help but surrender to the rhythm and groove, setting a vibrant precedent for the rest of the evening.

MJT. Photos by Mikey Jablonski.

Sevendust, the second act of the night, stormed the stage with a ferocity that reverberated not just within the venue, but within the hearts of everyone present. Their explosive combination of fierce riffs and powerhouse vocals created a seismic impact that seemed to shake the very foundation of the surroundings. From the first chord to the final note, Sevendust held the crowd in their grasp, leaving them yearning for more even as the curtain drew to a close.

Sevendust. Photos by Mikey Jablonski.

With the anticipation reaching its zenith, Alter Bridge took the stage as the night's crescendo. Myles Kennedy's vocals soared through the night air, a testament to his unmatched prowess. Mark Tremonti's intricate guitar artistry weaved a sonic tapestry that ranged from the melodic to the robust, demonstrating the band's distinct blend of musical finesse. The camaraderie and mutual respect between the bands were palpable, as they orchestrated seamless transitions between sets, maintaining an unbroken flow of music that kept the excitement alive.

Alter Bridge. Photos by Mikey Jablonski.

Alter Bridge's setlist was a meticulously curated journey through their discography, a rollercoaster of emotions that had the crowd singing along and raising their hands in unison. Each song was a testament to the band's creative depth, with classics like "Blackbird" and "Open Your Eyes" evoking a chorus of voices that echoed far beyond the venue's confines. The encore, featuring the rousing "Rise Today," served as a triumphant culmination of the night, leaving the crowd in a state of euphoria that lingered long after the final notes had dissipated.

In the end, the concert at Fargo Brewing Company wasn't just a gathering of music enthusiasts; it was a testament to the power of live music to forge connections, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories. Under the canvas of the open sky, the trio of MJT, Sevendust, and Alter Bridge united their talents to orchestrate an unforgettable symphony of rock and metal that will resonate in the hearts of attendees for years to come.

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