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Point North - Brand New Vision

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Album artwork for Point North's debut album, Brand New Vision.

Release Date: August 21, 2020 Genre: Pop Punk, Pop, Rock Label: Hopeless Records Following a successful 2019 with the release of their EP, Retrograde, the Los Angeles trio have readied the release of their debut album, Brand New Vision. Point North is made up of vocalist Jon Lundin, guitarist Andy Hershey, and rounded out by drummer Sage Weeber. The trio’s debut album was entirely self-produced by Lundin, who has produced many artists at his own studio, Pastel Recording Company. Brand New Vision is the album the band has always strived to create as musicians.

Brand New Vision is a concept album taking place in an alternate reality where predictability and normalcy are tossed out the window. This world we find the album takes place in is uncomfortable, but has meaning, and seen as a special place to feel something. This particular story being told on the tracks of Brand New Vision is shared through the voice of frontman Jon Lundin, and from the perspective of a character created by the band named Drax, a sentient being traveling throughout this alternate, broken reality. The album begins with the title track, “Brand New Vision,” which features hip-hop artist DE’WAYNE. The track introduces Drax to its listeners. Point North has roots in various genres, primarily pop, rock, hip-hop, and by molding it all together they create their unique sound that layers plenty of elements from them all into one. Point North’s Brand New Vision is full of big anthemic rock tracks, lathered in pop hooks, hip-hop beats layered in between it all, and tasteful vocals, that at times are quite vulnerable. The trio lay down the foundation of the album with the album opener, “Brand New Vision,” with its large instrumentation and raw energy.

The following track, “Into The Dark,” is a track that sees Drax doing some soul searching through the honest truths, dilemmas, and hardships he goes through in the world he is exploring throughout Brand New Vision. “Into The Dark” features Sleeping With Sirens’ frontman Kellin Quinn. Next comes the two singles, “Personal” and “A Million Pieces,” in which the latter of the two tracks tells a story of self-forgiveness and self-love. Once again from the perspective of Drax. The album’s lead single, “Heartbeat,” is about the frustration one holds in when you feel like you’re unable to fully express yourself in any way. “Heartbeat” essentially is a call for independence; an anthem for individuality. The track, just like the majority of the tracks on their EP, Retrograde, sees the return of the use of vocal effects, as slight as it is. “Distant” sees the band take a nice change of course to a gloomy little pop number. The darkness, despair, and hopelessness remain at the forefront for the following track, “No One’s Listening.” On the album-closing, “Be The Same,” Drax shares his stance on not wanting to accept the reality he is living in, and all the changes he is and isn’t going through.

Point North wrote an honest, vulnerable, and civilized album with the main objective to inspire its listeners and to spread good into the world. Point North’s driving message to its listeners with Brand New Vision is that it’s okay to feel discomfort, it’s okay to acknowledge that you’re reaching for a change, it’s okay to say, “I don’t want to be the same.”


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