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Purple Skies Tour: Tori Kelly and Zinadelphia - Winnipeg, MB

The Purple Skies tour made a highly anticipated stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on April 24, 2024, marking the first time that both Tori Kelly and Zinadelphia performed in the city. The energy was palpable as fans filled the venue, eager to witness these two incredible artists live.

Zinadelphia. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Zinadelphia opened the night with a vibrant set that immediately captivated the audience. Starting with "Love Over Glory," Zinadelphia set the tone for an evening of soulful melodies and powerful performances. Her voice was both commanding and soothing, perfectly matched to the atmospheric lighting that bathed the stage in warm hues.

The crowd was especially enchanted by "Mirrorball," which shimmered with a nostalgic disco vibe, and "Love Language," a heartfelt ballad that showcased Zinadelphia's impressive vocal range. The highlight of her set was a stunning cover of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," which had the audience singing along with fervour. Zinadelphia concluded her set with "Cosmos," leaving the audience buzzing with excitement for the main act. Tori Kelly took the stage with an electrifying presence, opening her set with the upbeat "thing u do," which immediately got the crowd on their feet. Her setlist was a well-curated mix of her biggest hits and newer tracks, each song delivered with her signature powerhouse vocals and genuine stage presence.

Tori Kelly. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Highlights included a soulful rendition of "Should've Been Us" and an emotional performance of "Paper Hearts," performed acoustically, which had the audience in a collective hush. The acoustic segment continued with "oceans," showcasing Kelly's ability to connect deeply with her listeners through stripped-down, intimate performances.

Kelly's versatility shone through in her medley of "Never Alone" and "I'll Find You," seamlessly blending the two tracks. Her cover of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," originally performed with Jacob Collier, was another standout moment, her voice soaring with grace and emotion.

Closing her main set with the triumphant "alive if i die," Kelly left the stage to thunderous applause, only to return for an encore that included the heartfelt "missin u," ending the night on a high note. The Purple Skies tour in Winnipeg was a night to remember, with both Zinadelphia and Tori Kelly delivering unforgettable performances. Zinadelphia's soulful set laid the perfect groundwork for Tori Kelly's dynamic and emotionally charged show. This concert was a testament to the incredible talent of both artists and a thrilling experience for all who attended.

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