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Revisionist - The Emptiness of Gravity EP

Updated: May 24, 2021

Artwork for Witchita hardcore outfit Revisionist's new EP, The Emptiness of Gravity.

Release Date: May 21, 2021 Genre: Hardcore, Post-Hardcore Label: Independent Witchita's hardcore outfit Revisionist formed in 2016 to accomplish one thing, and that one thing was to write music that was honest to them and devoid of any gimmicks. The band honed their craft and centered themselves around an early 2000s hardcore/metal era sound. Which was first displayed on their 2018 debut album, Culling. With their new EP, The Emptiness of Gravity, the band incorporates some new elements the band has yet to try out until now and adds new dimensions to their sound. Revisionist's new six-song effort was recorded at Rio Grande Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with music producer/musician Aaron Gillespie. Known notably for performing in the bands Underoath, The Almost, and Paramore. Revisionist is made up of vocalist Eric Martin, guitarist Joshua Barbee, bassist Max Abood, and drummer Joshua Peavey, some of which are former members of the bands The Gentlemen Homicide and Take it Back!, the four members have accumulated over a decade of experience before forming Revisionist to achieve their goal to take music back to a more "simpler" and "purer" time.

The Emptiness of Gravity EP opens with the track, "Violence Golden." The track begins with some type of buzzing sound, then the song eventually erupts into a melodic hardcore number that stays true to Revisionist's goal to make simpler, pure music without any gimmicks. Following is the EP's lead single, "Half Moon." It's a sure standout on the EP. The song, which introduces clean vocals, is one of the new elements that the band has now begun to incorporate into their evolving sound. The song's clean vocals have a similarity to Of Mice & Men and Dayshell vocalist Shayley Bourget. "Half Moon" leads the band into a post-hardcore direction with its introduction of clean vocals, slower tempo, and sluggish bass solos. With the second single, "Deathbed Kings," the members of Revisionist tackle mental health, more so the people that have chosen to close themselves off to the rest of the world and live in fear due to the global pandemic. However, the band wants to share that there is some hope. Musically, "Deathbed Kings" shares some traits of the previous track but is notably heavier instrumentally and features Martin using a whiny-type of emotional screaming to convey the song's message. "Panic Burn" is undeniably groovy with its guitar riffs throughout its four minutes and features choruses that have the use of harmonized vocals. On the EP's fifth track, "Wasteland Dreams," the band change it up once again, sort of compiling all the elements previously heard on the EP into one collective track, but with even groovier guitar riffs. The final track on The Emptiness of Gravity run's just shy of four minutes and incorporates some electronic elements and the use of vocal effects. But it's roughly the final fifty seconds of the song that truly matters, delivering one of the heaviest musical pieces on the entire EP. Closing it out with a huge bang.


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2021 press photo for Witchita hardcore act Revisionist.

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