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Rock the Rails 2023: Atreyu, Of Virtue, and Catch Your Breath

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Rock the Rails music festival at Fargo Brewing Company on September 24, 2023, was nothing short of a heavy metal extravaganza. With a lineup featuring Atreyu, Of Virtue, and Catch Your Breath, the night promised intense riffs, thundering drums, and electrifying performances. And it delivered just that and more. Catch Your Breath kicked off the night with a bang, opening their set with "Dial Tone." The crowd instantly erupted, headbanging in unison to the relentless energy of the band. "21 Gun Salute" and "No Evil" kept the momentum going strong, but it was clear that "Dial Tone" and "21 Gun Salute" were the crowd favourites. Catch Your Breath's commanding stage presence and heavy, melodic sound set the tone for the night, leaving the audience hungry for more.

Following Catch Your Breath, Of Virtue took the stage and wasted no time in launching into their set. With tracks like "Cut Me Open," "Sinner," and "Cannibals," they brought a relentless wave of aggression and emotional intensity to the festival. The mosh pit swirled, and fans sang along passionately to every word. Additionally, songs like "Sober" left the crowd both exhilarated and emotionally charged.

As the night reached its climax, Atreyu descended upon the stage with a ferocity that sent shockwaves through the venue. The atmosphere was electric as they opened with "Drowning," setting the tone for a high-energy performance that would leave everyone breathless. Songs like "Becoming the Bull," "Right Side of the Bed," and "The Theft" had the crowd screaming along with every lyric. The band's chemistry was undeniable, and their musicianship was on full display.

During the encore, Atreyu brought the house down with "Blow," leaving fans on an adrenaline high and craving more. The intensity of their setlist, featuring classics like "Ex's and Oh's" and "Watch Me Burn," mixed with newer hits like "Save Us" and "The Time Is Now," showcased their evolution as a band while keeping the energy at its peak. Atreyu's performance was a masterclass in metal showmanship, and they didn't disappoint.

Rock the Rails 2023 was an unforgettable night of heavy music, with Atreyu, Of Virtue, and Catch Your Breath each bringing their unique flavour of metal to the stage. The Fargo Brewing Company was the perfect setting for this explosive event, and the fans left with their ears ringing and their hearts pounding, already looking forward to next year's installment.

All photos by Mikey Jablonski.

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