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Scene Queen and Set It Off Unleash Fiery New Single "Barbie & Ken"

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Single artwork for the new collab between Scene Queen and Set It Off, for "Barbie and Ken."

Official Press Release: Scene Queen is soaring to new heights with a wild new collab featuring Set It Off’s Cody Carson. “Barbie & Ken” showcases a darker side of America’s beloved Mattel doll - a murderous one at that. Scene Queen and Carson are the perfect pairing on the angsty new track, which showcases the "Bimbocore" movement which Scene Queen has quickly become the face of. The song/video is a particularly special one for Scene Queen, aka Hannah Collins, who has long idolized Set It off. With the collab of her dreams, Scene Queen brought the kind of chaos Bimbocore fans know and love with an extra dose of theatrics courtesy of Carson. TikTokers and influencers from every corner of the internet have fallen in love with Scene Queen’s unique metal-infused sound and feminist-forward lyrics. With “Barbie & Ken,” she’s keeping her momentum going strong.

"This song is the perfect combination of the crazy chaotic hyper feminine 'Bimbocore' sound my music has combined with the high energy and theatrical sound of Cinematics era Set It Off. I was so excited to get in a session with Cody in general, but the collab that it morphed into was honestly more fun than I could’ve even hoped for," Scene Queen says on the new collab.

"We knew as the song was coming together that this was something fun and truly special. I even got to tap into a little bit of the neurosis I let out on our previous album Cinematics. So I feel like Set It Off fans will really appreciate that," shares Set It Off frontman Cody Carson. Catch Scene Queen on her first ever tour, which runs Sept. 1 through Sept. 18. More info here.


More about Scene Queen: Scene Queen (AKA Hannah Collins) is not here to be quiet, and she is not here to apologize. With lyrics that come for the throat of misogynists and genre purists, Collins is not afraid to disrupt the peace. Don't be fooled by Scene Queen's colourful pink image. She's as fierce as she is vibrant, with angst packed between every punchy lyric. Scene Queen is the epitome of the new emo scene. A new scene where everyone is welcome. Her music shows the cracks in society and breaks down the walls we put up every day. To show that although this new scene may look different, we are all pink on the inside.


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