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SENNA Release New Music Video For "Rosehip," Hit The Road This Spring In EU/UK

Single artwork for the new single, "Rosehip," from the German post-hardcore band SENNA.

Official Press Release: Bursting onto the scene last June with the release of their debut EP, A Moment of Quiet, SENNA are back with a brand-new music video for popular track “Rosehip.” Out today via SharpTone Records, the song – originally released as part of the 2022 collection – was one of the first demos brought to life by the band. Now, it receives a renewed energy once again by way of impactful visual storytelling and a creative spin on the lyrical message behind the technical instrumentals, energetic vocals, and catchy hooks that have captured the attention of fans across the globe.

Speaking on the meaning behind “Rosehip,” vocalist Simon Mastjedi – who doubles as an ICU nurse when not tearing up the stage alongside bandmates Tobias Stulz (guitar/vocals), Marcel Dürr (guitar), Fabian Cattarius (bass), and Leon Dorn (drums) – explains the theme of both the single and accompanying visuals:

“When I wrote the song, I tried to write from the perspective of a nurse, and what it's like to support a loved one on their deathbed,” the frontman begins. “Dying is a journey that you hope you will never take alone. One hopes to walk this path with a loved one and accept for both of them, that all will be well when things come to an end.”

“For the video we tried to see the topic in a different context, we found the saga of Bonnie and Clyde fitting, two people on the run together, for better or for worse.”


The arrival of the innovative music video comes just ahead of the band’s upcoming tour, supporting Siamese and Resolve across Europe and the UK this spring. Shows start March 31 in Copenhagen, Denmark and run through April 16 in SENNA’s home country of Germany.

Purchase tickets to The Wired Hearts Tour here.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

31.03.22 Denmark Copenhagen Hotel Cecil

01.04.22 Denmark Sønderborg Mejeriet

02.04.22 Germany Hamburg Logo

03.04.22 Germany Wiesbaden Schlachthof

04.04.22 Germany Nürnberg Z-Bau

05.04.22 Switzerland Baden Werkk

06.04.22 Germany Stuttgart Club Cann

07.04.22 Day Off

08.04.22 Germany Berlin Cassiopeia

09.04.22 Belgium Antwerp Kavka

10.04.22 UK London Underworld

11.04.22 UK Leeds Key Club

12.04.22 UK Bristol Exchange

13.04.22 UK Manchester Rebellion

14.04.22 UK Birmingham The Devil's Dog

15.04.22 Netherlands Heerlen Nieuwe Nor

16.04.22 Germany Oberhausen Kulttempel


About SENNA: Hailing from Mannheim, Germany and drawing their name from the Arabic word for brightness, shine or glow, bandmates Simon Masdjedi, Tobias Stulz, Marcel Dürr, Fabian Cattarius, and Leon Dorn, never intended for SENNA – originally established as a studio side project – to come into its own as a fully-fledged unit. Yet, tackling a luminous mix of lively but technical instrumentation and edgy hard-rock meets progressive post-hardcore styling, the band’s artistic prowess quickly caught the attention of SharpTone Records, who signed the group and joined forces to release their debut EP, A Moment of Quiet (out June 15, 2022).

Recorded in late 2019-2020 with producer Manuel Renner of Überlärm Studios, the five-song collection is the perfect vessel to display SENNA’s genre-blending range and playful creativity. For whether it be utilizing an arsenal of vintage amps, analog synths, and “non-metal guitars and basses” to form enthralling modern anthems, or embracing novel themes such as their tea-inspired track titles, SENNA are clearly not afraid to brew up something great.


Check out more from SENNA: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Full band press shot of the German post-hardcore outfit SENNA.

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