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Spencer Sutherland - "Wonder" - Single

Updated: May 25, 2021

The artwork for Spencer Sutherland's brand new single, "Wonder."

Release Date: November 13, 2020 Genre: Pop, R&B Label: BMG Pop and R&B singer-songwriter Spencer Sutherland -from Pickerington, Ohio and now based out of Los Angeles- has released his latest single, “Wonder.” Spencer is looking to continue to make his presence known with the continuous release of singles this year. Spencer’s new single furthers this continued motion from his creativity as a musician. “Wonder” is a track that touches on the topic of overthinking. Spencer uses his lyricism to express some of the questions he has running through his head directly into the words you hear in the song.

“Wonder is a very honest song that encapsulates overthinking. All the lyrics are asking questions internally, and these are the exact questions I ask myself,” states Spencer about the topic of his new single. “I wonder if I’m still myself, cause lately I’m acting like someone else.”

Spencer began releasing music in 2013, but he started to gain traction with his 2017 single, “Selfish.” Later that year it led him to venture off to the United Kingdom to compete as the first American contestant on X Factor UK, where he went on to land in the season’s top 12 finalists. Last year, Spencer released his debut EP, NONE of this has been about you, which came with critical acclaim. Now, Spencer is looking to venture out of his comfort zone and star alongside actresses Victoria Justice and Midori Francis in the upcoming Netflix film Afterlife of the Party that is currently in production in South Africa. He won’t just be starring in the movie but will also be contributing original music to the score.

“Wonder” is accompanied by a music video that co-stars actress Katie Sarife, who is known for her lead role in Annabelle Comes Home and her appearance in The CW’s long-running smash-hit Supernatural.

Spencer impressively puts his powerful voice on full display on “Wonder,” as it has in his previous musical work. It’s more of his octave range on this particular song that can be heard throughout the single that impresses the most. The song starts in a low octave before his voice continues to rise to his highest octave registry as the song grows to its chorus. The song’s a satisfying mid-tempo track that showcases a sincere look into Spencer’s head with a wobbly, bass-heavy beat along with its subtle piano-filled choruses that helps Spencer’s voice glide like a hot knife through butter along with the musicianship that’s on display on “Wonder.”


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