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Taylor Acorn - Certified Depressant EP

Album artwork for Certified Depressant, the third EP from rising pop punk breakout Taylor Acorn.

Release Date: September 22, 2023 Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock Label: ONErpm

Taylor Acorn's third EP, Certified Depressant, solidifies her presence as a rising force in modern pop punk. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Taylor Acorn grew up immersed in the '90s and 2000s pop punk and pop rock scene, and her passion for this genre has never waned. Her journey in music began in 2014 when she dropped out of Kutztown University to pursue her musical dreams, eventually making her mark in Country music in 2017 with the release of her debut EP, Put It In a Song. However, she's now setting her sights on leaving her own footprint in the pop-punk community with this latest EP, Certified Depressant. The EP consists of eight new songs that, together with her previously released pop-punk singles since 2020, create a space for fans to feel safe, feel heard, and give them a space where they can feel equally vulnerable by tackling tough subjects such as mental health by sharing her own personal struggles into her music. Certified Depressant kicks off with the energetic track "Sticking Around," which immediately evokes memories of early 2010s Blink-182 with its spacey guitars. Taylor delivers an infectious tune that explores self-deprecation and insecurity, all while questioning the other person's feelings and intentions. The lyrics convey a mix of emotions, including frustration, confusion, and longing. Next up is the title track, "Certified Depressant," which channels more of the sounds of late 1990s and early 2000s pop punk. Hints of Avril Lavigne's influence emerge, but Taylor's unique sound shines through, blending pop rock and pop punk seamlessly. Despite the upbeat and catchy chorus, the lyrics delve into feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and depression, highlighting the internal struggle and in doing so, labelling herself a "certified depressant." A highlight of the EP, the song's electric guitar riff drills itself inside your head and won't leave, just like the song's chorus. "I Think I'm in Love" expresses deep emotions and a strong desire for a romantic connection. Taylor's lyrics capture the feeling of being captivated by someone and the fear of messing things up while longing for intimacy. The song's sonic qualities bring to mind heartfelt Blink-182 tracks, but it takes its own direction, especially with Taylor's catchy "woahs" in the chorus. On "Good Enough," Taylor delves into the struggle of meeting societal expectations and the constant self-doubt that stems from never feeling "good enough." The song conveys frustration, sadness, and a longing for acceptance, all conveyed through Taylor's emotive and powerful vocals. "Psycho" is another vulnerable pop-punk gem that sheds light on the negative behaviour of some men and their distorted perceptions of women such as Taylor. Taylor employs tongue-in-cheek lyrics to depict her unwillingness to conform to these unsatisfactory proclamations. On the penultimate track, "Coma," Taylor collaborates with songwriter Dan Swank and fellow pop-punk powerhouse Cassadee Pope. The song explores the feeling of awakening from a toxic relationship, feeling free but also unrecognizable from the person you once were when you were in it - kind of like you were in a coma. The version of the track on the EP is the one without Cassadee Pop featured, but you can still stream Taylor and Cassadee's version here. Closing out the EP is "Everything Sucks," a fast-paced and infectious tune that conveys the sentiment that everything around her is falling apart, except for one person who brightens her life. On Certified Depressant, Taylor Acorn has delivered an emotionally charged and musically engaging EP that firmly establishes her presence in the pop-punk scene. Her willingness to tackle sensitive subjects like mental health and vulnerability through her music adds depth and authenticity to her artistry, making this EP a compelling listen for both pop-punk enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Taylor Acorn is certainly a name to watch in the world of modern pop punk.


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The latest press photo of pop punk princess Taylor Acorn.
Photo courtesy of Doltyn Snedden.

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