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The Fallaways - Sunset Ave EP

Updated: May 25, 2021

Artwork for the Sunset Ave EP from the Vancouver punk rockers The Fallaways.

Release Date: July 17, 2020 Genre: Punk Rock, Rock Label: Independent British Columbia’s fun and energetic punk rock band The Fallaways are back in the spotlight with their second six-track EP, Sunset Ave. Blending their influences of Green Day and Fall Out Boy, The Fallaways have a fresh and exhilarating take on the genre of punk rock. Unlike their previous EP, Skiddish, which showed the band’s fun side, on Sunset Ave the band is looking to take listeners down a much darker, more vulnerable path than before. Sunset Ave was once again produced by FIDLAR frontman, Zac Carper and Hedley bassist Tommy Mac.

Since the band’s debut EP, Skiddish, that released in the fall of 2017, the band has garnered many accolades. Including a sum of 350,000 plus overall streams on Spotify, alone having 130,000 plus of that just on their previous release, Skiddish. They had their recent single, “Alive,” featured on the Ready to Rock playlist, which can also be found on Spotify and having opening slots for a slew of bands such as The Lazys, Red Fang, Loverboy, Dune Rats, and Royal Tusk. Sunset Ave opens with the delightful track, “Dumb.” The track begins with some light atmospheric guitar, and bassy drums, before the track explodes into this catchy party anthem full of that punk rock vibe the band is always aiming for. Singer Jason Koster belts out the lyrics, “I wanna be dumb / I wanna stupid, just like you / I wanna have fun / No regrets for what I’ve done,” passionately and eager to make the point that he wants to be having a grand old time.

“Feeling Low,” the moderately slower track is in the spotlight next, showcasing a more vulnerable side to the band. Touching on feeling low and looking for anything to help cope with and to rid this feeling. The single, “Alive” drives more towards a more rock tone overall, but with enough punk rock creeping through the cracks. It’s unique and unlike the other two tracks so far, with this exuberant riff that’s so melodic, it will stick with you for some time.

On the track, “Let Go,” the band brings the slight shift to rock once more with a very straightforward sounding song. “Still Alive” is quite the atmospheric track, but it’s still very guitar-driven during its entire length of three minutes and twelve seconds. The tune also continues to show the band’s vulnerable side they’ve let bare witness for all with the EP. Last, but certainly not least, the track “Electric” is a fast, catchy two-minute spin back into the band’s punk rock style, with that infectiousness that will leave the track burrowed in your mind.

It’s no secret that Sunset Ave showcases a different side to the band that is more direct with its heart on its sleeve lyrics and pure emotion sprawled out in their sound on the EP. Sunset Ave certainly takes the music to a more emotional and raw place than the three songs on their Skiddish EP that featured more of a party anthem theme. This shift suits the band quite well and hopefully is something the band continues within their future songwriting and releases.


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