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Wild Truth - Drift EP

Updated: May 24, 2021

EP artwork for the pop rock trio Wild Truth's new Drift EP.

Release Date: April 2, 2021 Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock Label: Open Your Ears Records

The Richmond, Virginia alternative rock/pop-rock trio Wild Truth are releasing their long-anticipated debut EP for Open Your Ear Records titled, Drift, on April 2nd, 2021. Wild Truth, made up of vocalist/guitarist Nick Gargiulo, bassist Will Beasley, and drummer Clayton Sargent formed in 2017, already knowing each other for over a decade while performing in numerous other bands such as mOcean, Amorella, and Lifewalker -all of varying genres. By forming Wild Truth, the three set themselves out for a fresh start and a way to begin to push their creativity to new heights. The producing and mixing duties on Drift are entirely handled by the band’s own Will Beasley.

Wild Truth’s polarizing new EP starts off the track, “Pressure.” The intro’s mesmerizing delayed guitar riff plays out before a heavy bass presence to reveal a stripped-back sound, then the track’s chorus hits, and it’s all but up from here. The band’s songwriting quirks become apparent on “Pressure.” The lead single and the album’s second track, “No Filter,” is a rollercoaster of a tune with similarities to the previous number. However, what makes it stand out among the rest of the EP is Gargiulo’s vocal performance that’s almost identical to Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump. It’s an absolute shame “No Filter” is only two minutes and fifty seconds long. Additionally, “No Filter” was the first song Wild Truth wrote for the EP. The track came together organically for the trio, intending to have a song that you want to dance to but cry from at the same time.

Keeping the pace, Wild Truth delivers an anthemic, insanely catchy number with the EP’s third track, “The River.” However, the band slows things down about a bit with the atmospheric title track, “Drift.” The song begins with an atmospheric effected guitar, but overall it’s led by a heavy bass line. The standout of “Drift” is the face-melting, effect-riddled guitar solo that hits you smack in the face near the end of the track. Drift ends off with “Back and Forth.” Once again, “Back and Forth” is led by a sizeable bass line from Beasley, relaxed guitar stylings from Gargiulo, and rounded out by pounding drums from Sargent that leads to the perfect ending to Drift.

The entirety of Drift is about reflection and navigating the path to individuality. Something their new label helped the band achieve. Wild Truth has been riding a wave since their inception in 2017, but are now in the high tide. Wild Truth is just getting started, and I’m exceedingly interested to see what they will scheme up in their future music releases. Please stay in touch with the band by visiting their social media in the links provided below, and make sure to stream and purchase Drift when it releases on April 2nd.


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Pop rock trio's 2021 press photo.
Photo courtesy of Alexander Jawfox.

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