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With Confidence - Self-Titled

Album artwork for With Confidence's self-titled third album.

Release Date: August 27, 2021 Genre: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock Label: Hopeless Records

With Confidence is an alternative rock/pop-punk band based out of Sydney, Australia, and they are releasing their self-titled third record on August 27th. The band is happy to finally release something after three long years. The band is trying to spice something up with their music. They are going back with their roots with the same producer Stevie Knight they used with their first record, Better Weather. Stevie Knight has produced many pop-punk bands, including Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, and Between You & Me. I love all three of these pop-punk bands. This is my first time actually listening to With Confidence. What I did notice with this record was it didn't give off much of a pop-punk vibe to it -if they were trying to go for that sound.

The album starts off with "What You Make It," and it's a strong start to the album, I would say. It comes with a good catchy chorus with enjoyable drums and guitar riffs that I noticed. Not much bass you can make out in the track. The only thing I didn't like but wasn't too noticeable was the repetitive chorus on that track. "City" is another track I enjoyed a lot when I listened to the album. You notice the drums clearly, with a good instrumental backtrack.

"Anything" is for fans that I think are missing that pop-punk from the band. It has a nice catchy chorus with some great guitar riffs. It's a good song for the OG fans. "Baked" has to be my most favourite track on the record. One thing I definitely noticed out of all of the record is With Confidence makes some good choruses. I loved the guitars, and I loved the drum symbols -it's a hit track to me. "Know You (708)" feels like it's lacking something in the song. It just lacks that With Confidence vibe from the guys. They did experiment with some vocal effects, which I liked with the good instrumental backtrack to it. "Cult" went actually different from With Confidence that I didn't expect with the band. They went actually more with an arena vibe with this song, and it works. They did have receptiveness that you noticed like most of the record, but it is lacking that catchy chorus.

The next track, "Paper," feels like an album song. It does have that repetitive chorus, but it's like one of those songs where you want to listen to it that you haven't listened to it in a while. That's something that With Confidence has going for them. "Big Cat Judgement Day" is a track I would listen to actually in an Emo Night at a club or a party. It's a song you want to just dance or jam to with friends. It's a great single for the album. I honestly want to see the guys play the song live one day. "Atlanta" caught my ear with a xylophone happening in the background of the song. You don't notice that much in music nowadays, and that's cool. It's a very chill song, and you always need that in a record. The last track, "Lose," I wish it was longer. It felt great for an album closer. Great guitar riffs and great vocals.

With Confidence did great for their third record for an alternative rock record. For fans of the pop-punk side of the band, I say they are evolving with the sound and wanted to change it up. The only thing I would say for the guys is to fix the repetitiveness on the choruses and try to catch more of the listener for the next record. Overall I enjoyed finding out about With Confidence and look forward to seeing them in concert one day.


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Full band press photo for Australian pop-punkers With Confidence.

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