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YONAKA - Welcome To My House EP

The artwork for YONAKA's new EP, Welcome To My House.

Release Date: July 28, 2023 Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock Label: Republic Records / LAVA Records YONAKA's latest EP, Welcome To My House, is a dynamic showcase of the band's versatility and raw energy. Comprising of seven tracks, the EP takes listeners on an exhilarating musical journey that seamlessly blends genres and emotions. Each song serves as a window into lead vocalist Theresa Jarvis' world, exploring personal experiences and emotions with unapologetic fervour. The EP kicks off with "By The Time You're Reading This," a thunderous track that effortlessly fuses rock, punk, and pop elements. The song's explosive instrumentals lay the foundation for Theresa Jarvis' powerhouse vocals to shine. The lyrics speak of living in the present moment, creating an instant connection with listeners. Following suit is "PANIC," a sonic departure from the EP's opener, showcasing the band's range. The song's arena rock vibe and Jarvis' almost rapping vocal style lend a distinct flavour to the EP. With haunting backing vocals, "PANIC" delves into the theme of anxiety and panic attacks, adding a personal touch to the music. The title track, "Welcome To My House," takes a mesmerizing turn with its infectious bass lines and ethereal synth elements. The juxtaposition of omnipotent vocals against ghostly synths creates an otherworldly atmosphere that draws listeners deeper into YONAKA's sonic realm. "Give Me My Halo" introduces a sombre yet intense ambiance. Starting with a delicate piano introduction, Jarvis' ferocious vocals soon take center stage. The song's themes of self-acceptance and the challenging journey toward it resonate strongly, making it a poignant addition to the EP. "I Want More" flips the script with its grungy, garage rock sound. The track's contagious energy and bass groove create an irresistible urge to move along. This demonstrates YONAKA's ability to switch genres effortlessly while maintaining their signature passion. "I Don't Care" bridges the gap between pop and rock seamlessly. With strong guitar riffs and Jarvis' versatile vocals, the song finds a delicate balance between catchy hooks and rock-infused vigour. The track explores a more pop-leaning side of the band, adding depth to their musical palette. Closing the EP with a bang is "Hands Off My Money," an explosive rock anthem driven by punchy guitars and earsplitting drum beats. Jarvis' punk-inspired vocal delivery injects a rebellious spirit, leaving a lasting impact. Welcome To My House is more than just a collection of songs; it's a glimpse into Theresa Jarvis' soul. Each track is a reflection of personal experiences and emotions, meticulously crafted into music that resonates deeply. YONAKA's ability to traverse musical genres while maintaining a distinct identity is a testament to their artistry and creativity. This EP is a bold statement of their prowess, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what's next from this captivating band.


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Press shot for the UK-based alt rock/pop rock trio YONAKA.

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