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Claire Rosinkranz Released Her Debut Record 'Just Because' on October 6th

Rising American singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz released her debut album, Just Because, on October 6, 2023. The album has a 13-song tracklist. Her viral hit song "Backyard Boy" hit over one billion streams and has 67 million views on YouTube to date.

Press shot for the rising singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz.

What made you realize you wanted to enter the music world?

Claire Rosinkranz: I basically grew up around music. Both of my parents were involved in it. My dad has been composing and producing since I was a little girl. He was also a first-chair violinist so I would listen to him. He also did TV shows and jingles. My first memory of writing a song was at 8 years old. From then I found my passion for writing, that's my favorite part. I also did stuff for my dad, he would ask me to write for this or that. When I was 11, I had a moment where I was asking myself if I wanted to do music or dance. I heard this voice that wasn't my own that said I was supposed to do music. Ever since then, I've been very determined to do music, one because it was a calling and second I love it. At 15 I was like I want to make an EP and I told my dad and was determined to get it done pretty quick and I did. I don't know how to function without it. It's my processing system like it is for most artists. It comes from my family but I also feel like I was born with this thing where I have to be creating. I went a week without creating and I was so depressed and anxious, and I went to the studio and I felt instantly better cause I was able to unload all this stuff.

What song off of the album do you feel represents you and your personality the best?

Claire: I would say it would be a mix of “Swinging at the Stars” and “Banksy", the feeling of “Banksy” represents me very well, the topic not so much. “Swinging at the Stars” at my core it's about wanting to experience the abundance of being alive. I love to feel and experience a lot. I love to put myself in situations that may not be the best for me because I just want to feel it all. I think it's so cool that we are capable of feeling all these emotions from beautiful, fun, carefree to heartbreak, sadness and pain. I put myself in situations where I get to feel fully alive and conscious. I would say “Swinging at the Stars” wraps that up and “Banksy” hits a deeper emotion. All the songs together are like little sections of my brain.

What word or words would you use to describe your debut album?

Claire: I would say coming of age movie, that's the best way to explain it. Because it's all over the place, it really carries you over all of the emotions I was feeling through some chaotic situations and times.

What was your creative process like for the album?

Claire: This one was kind of like a diary or journal dump of songs. I didn't go and have these experiences and come back later and write about it. It was kind of the way I process things. I'd go through something and go straight to the studio or my guitar or piano and write about it. Other songs I will sometimes write from other people's perspective. Like I'll write songs from my best friend who's gone through a lot of stuff too and I'll be like I'll write a song for you. Or it's about my feelings, emotions, things that I want to do. I even write from different perspectives of myself. It's so fun, I always tell myself I can do anything with music. Anytime I go to the studio I’m like I can do anything. There's no structure, no way of doing it. A Lot of people like a routine or layout of how you're supposed to write a song. But there really isn't a right way, you can't do too much or be weird. I tell myself you can do anything. It drops all those boundaries and I'm able to create from the most honest place possible.

The album cover is so simple and artistic, Was there a specific plan behind it or was it candid?

Claire: Very much candid, it was after a show I'm not sure which one. Me and my friend Hunter, he was coming on the road with me for a little bit. We were outside with his film camera and we were like this is cool and shot some photos. I ended up really liking the photo. I was into cat hats at the time so I had to have it on the album. I don't know if I was to choose the album cover now it would be different. It doesn't really go with my stuff visually. I still think it represents me in a way but it's definitely a bit different. The visuals for the album are more vibrant and saturated but also vintage filmy stuff and that was more simplistic. It's also really cute and takes me back to that time of playing shows and taking pictures with my friends.

Is there one lyric you can think of that summarizes the record as a whole?

Claire: Yeah, in “Swinging at the Stars” there's a lyric that goes “Wanna be tired when I get to my grave” and I think that is the best way to sum up all of it. I wanna again experience everything and as much as I can before I'm not on this earth anymore. So yeah, I want to be tired by the time I get to my grave.

If you could describe the perfect environment to listen to your music, what would it be?

Claire: Probably the beach but also driving down the coast or through canyons. That's my life besides tour. My camera roll is beach, tour, and city. I wrote all the music when I was going to the beach every day, anywhere out in nature.

Is there a particular feeling you hope people have when listening to Just Because?

Claire: Yes, I want people to feel a bit of everything when they listen to my music. I hope it makes them feel very full, like you’re experiencing something. I don’t want it to be like oh you're just listening to the songs and these are cute and I like this one. I want people to experience a movie, a coming-of-age movie and I just experienced all the things she felt. You guys will all feel it in your own way and I think you can relate the songs to your own personal experiences. I just hope it's an experience.


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Listen to Just Because HERE

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