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Adar Alfandari - "How I’m Gonna Make You Mine" - Single

Updated: May 25, 2021

The single artwork for Adar Alfandari's single, How I'm Gonna Make You Mine

Release Date: August 25, 2020 Genre: Folk Label: Independent Adar Alfandari, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Israel is working hard on finishing up his solo debut album. In the meantime, Adar has released his third single ever, and most importantly the second off his forthcoming debut album Gold Dust, which is currently scheduled for a March 2021 release. His brand new single titled, “How I’m Gonna Make You Mine,” is a slow-tempo rendition that’s both heartfelt and immensely sincere. The single was produced and mixed by music producer Idan Katz, while it was mastered by Aran Lavi.

Adar Alfandari is still riding the wave of a high after he participated in the previous season of The Voice Israel, in which he partook alongside his brother in their indie rock band Dor Hamabul. Shortly following their time on The Voice Israel, Adar decided to go forward with a solo career instead. It has now lead Adar to release a few solo singles and soon, as aforementioned, his solo album Gold Dust early next year.

Now after two years after the release of his debut single, “What Is This That I Miss,” Adar is ready to unleash what he has been working on to the rest of the world. His single, “Cap Gun / אקדח פיקות,” the first single from Gold Dust has so far earned thousands of views and streams online since its initial release. It also received play on dozens of local Israeli radio stations and got some rave reviews from local critics.

“How I’m Gonna Make You Mine” is a quite simple little acoustic number and while it’s both heartfelt and sincere, its intimate and clean production help convey the message that Adar is trying to share on his newest single. The single is driven by Adar’s guitar fingerpicking-style performance, his gentle voice, and topped by violin performed by Avner Kelmer.

The lyricism on “How I’m Gonna Make You Mine” captures a long list of metaphors within it. The story Adar is telling on this track tackles his mindset, which includes his thoughts and excuses, before making the first move toward a person that he is interested in and wants to take a further step to make them his significant other.


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