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beccs - stay moist EP

Album artwork for indie pop singer-songwriter beccs' new EP, stay moist.

Indie pop artist beccs returns with her bold and colourful new EP, stay moist. Set to release on June 28, 2024, this project is a vibrant testament to emotional resilience and self-discovery. With contributions from Oscar-nominated Ian Chang of Son Lux and feminist pop artist Bitch, the EP showcases maximalist pop production, raw vulnerability, and beccs’ show-stopping vocal prowess. The concept of stay moist originated during the pandemic when beccs would caption her emotional selfies with "stay moist" to bring levity and connection to her followers. This phrase evolved into a mantra of resilience, encouraging a fluid, honest approach to emotional regulation and healing. The EP delves into themes of pain, trauma, and self-acceptance, with each track confronting difficult and often shameful parts of oneself. By allowing emotions to flow like water, beccs emphasizes the importance of staying emotionally agile and authentic.

The EP opens with "Good Comin’," a track that exemplifies beccs’ knack for turning personal struggles into universal earworms. The song’s catchy hooks linger long after the music stops, setting the tone for the rest of the EP.

"I Don't Do Fun" explores the tension between societal expectations and personal authenticity, while "Jealous Bitch," featuring Bitch, dives into the raw, often-taboo emotion of jealousy with unapologetic flair.

The self-produced "f 0 0 d" stands out as a deeply personal exploration of disordered eating and recovery. Its cool, textured alternative pop sound reflects beccs' journey toward seeing the world without the distortion of her eating disorder. The trance-like, harmonious soundscape provides a reflective space for listeners, mirroring beccs’ own healing process.

The centerpiece of the EP, "Rage In My Veins," co-produced by beccs and featuring drum production by Ian Chang, is a powerful anthem of collective grief and rage. The song channels these intense emotions into a force for breaking negative cycles. beccs’ powerful vocals and the song’s dynamic production make it a tour de force, urging listeners to embrace and transform their rage into something healing and mobilizing. stay moist is an impressive and evocative EP that showcases beccs’ growth as an artist and a person. Each track is a testament to her ability to transform personal pain into relatable and catchy music. The EP’s maximalist pop production, combined with beccs’ powerful vocals and emotional honesty, makes stay moist a compelling listen. By inviting listeners to embrace their emotions and remain fluid in their healing, beccs delivers a project that is both deeply personal and universally resonant. With stay moist, beccs has created an EP that is not only a collection of songs but a roadmap for emotional resilience and self-discovery. It's an invitation to dance in our grief, embrace our rage, and ultimately, to stay moist in a world that often seeks to harden us.


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