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Canadian Indie Pop Artist bludnymph Releases Emphatic New Single "Lights Out"

The single artwork for Dead Lakes' brand new single "Stamina."

The rising Canadian indie pop/dark rap artist Kya Hansen -better known by her music moniker bludnymph or also known by her social media handle BBBLUD- has amassed over half a million followers on TikTok alone. Since gathering a following on social media, blud has been releasing singles for the last couple of years as another artist that's bending genres and creating unique songs from elements of rap and pop. Among her eclectic singles over the last two years, songs such as "Mozart," "moonwater," "Within (featuring indigowavv)," and "FEAST (featuring notsick), to name a few, have accumulated over three million streams on Spotify to date.

bludnymph is back with her brand new single, "Lights Out," an empathic switch-up from her past releases and some new unreleased "cutesy" tunes. The track was co-written and co-produced by blud's two favourite collaborators Cirkut -who came up with the track's beat- and FAANGS -who initially hummed out the song's hook. "We were making a lot of fun cutesy music in the studio before this track, so I guess the angel on my shoulder was gone for the day, and my little demon came out to play," she shares. "I like to incorporate a spooky yet magical feeling into my music. I experiment with different genres, with some old Brothers Grimm energy."

Behind the track's punchy beat and drums, powerful, wobbly bass, and the salient synths in the depths of the track, two sides of blud bubble up to the surface for her to entertain. blud does it all on "Lights Out." You get these verses in an intense rap style -something she's become known for in her music. While the song's hook and choruses are sung in a softer, sultry side of blud. She's both aggressive and innocent. On her new single, blud channels her inner Melanie Martinez, but with the twist as if she had quite the attitude. Lyrically, as she continues to channel her evil, darker side into her music, on "Lights Out" she sings about going after somebody while shes teaching herself to stand up for herself and not to bottle up her emotions when you're seeing red for someone for something they have said or done to you. "I channel my evil, darker side with my music. It serves as an outlet, so I can work on setting boundaries in my personal life. I have always struggled with saying no to things when I deserve to be allowed to. This song is kind of about 'going after' someone, but it's also teaching me to stand up for myself," she confesses. "When someone is annoying you, it helps to blast something angry. I encourage being nice, but it's important not to bottle your emotions up. 'Lights Out' is a way to let it out when you have that 'don't fuck with me' feeling," bludnynph continues.

About the accompanying music video for "Lights Out," bludnymph shares: "I've always been a very creative person, in a variety of forms, so it's really cool that I could take the many parts of myself and tie it all together with the music video. One of my favourite things we’ve started to incorporate into my content is my Ghouls; they're my special little ghost creatures. Look out for their appearances." Additionally, you can also now hear her track "Press It" as a part of the Fast & Furious: Drift Tape (Phonk Vol. 1), alongside artists such as $NOT, Juicy J, Oliver Tree, and others in a fan-first mixtape and bridge project supporting the Fast & Furious franchise, which will continue releasing songs leading up to the official Fast X movie soundtrack scheduled for release in the spring of 2023.


Check out more from bludnymph: Website | TikTok | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Twitch

The latest press image for Canadian indie pop star bludnympth.
Photo courtesy of Alexis Castillo.

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