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Danko Jones - Electric Sounds

Album artwork for Electric Sounds. The eleventh album from Toronto hard rock trio Danko Jones.

Release Date: September 15, 2023 Genre: Rock, Hard Rock Label: Sonic Unyon Records

Danko Jones has been on a relentless rock 'n' roll journey for over two decades, and their eleventh album, Electric Sounds, released via Sonic Unyon Records, is another electrifying testament to their unwavering dedication to the genre. Frontman Danko Jones himself describes the album as a continuation of their signature sound, but with a little extra speed and a whole lot of attitude. And that's exactly what you get - a high-octane, no-frills rock experience that'll leave you breathless.

Electric Sounds kicks off with "Guess Who's Back," a statement of intent that serves as a fiery welcome to the album. Danko's powerful vocals and the relentless riffage grab you by the collar and don't let go. This sets the tone for what's to come - an unapologetic celebration of rocking out.

The album keeps the energy levels high with tracks like "Good Time" and the title track "Electric Sounds." These songs are pure adrenaline, guaranteed to get your heart racing and your head banging. Danko's lyrics remain true to their classic formula, revolving around the joys of rocking out and the occasional romantic escapade. There are, indeed, "zero surprises" in that department, but it's precisely what fans love about the band.

One of the standout tracks on the trio's latest offering is the track "Get High?," which features guest vocals from Damian Abraham of Fucked Up. This collaboration adds a touch of ferocity to the album, and the result is a blistering anthem that hits you like a sonic punch to the gut.

Another couple of guest appearances on Electric Sounds are a welcomed addition. Tyler Stewart from Barenaked Ladies lends his drumming skills, and guitarist Daniel Dekay of Exciter adds some shredding prowess, further elevating the album's sonic landscape.

As the album progresses, Danko Jones continues to deliver the goods with tracks like "I Like It" and "Let's Make Out," all packed with contagious energy and irresistible hooks. The album closer, "Shake Your City," is a fitting end, leaving you with the urge to crank up the volume and start the whole rock 'n' roll party over again.

Electric Sounds is a potent reminder that Danko Jones has no intention of slowing down or compromising their rock 'n' roll spirit. It's a relentless, high-speed joyride through their well-honed sound, fueled by Danko's distinctive vocals and Eric Ratz's crisp production.

In a musical landscape that constantly shifts and evolves, Danko Jones remains a consistent force, sticking to what they do best. If you're in search of an album that encapsulates the essence of pure, unadulterated rock 'n' roll, Electric Sounds delivers that and more. Strap in, turn it up, and get ready to rock with Danko Jones on this exhilarating journey.


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2021 full band photo for Canadian hard rock trio Danko Jones.

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