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Dead Lakes Closes Out 2022 With Striking New Single And Visualizer For "Stamina"

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Official Press Release:

The single artwork for Dead Lakes' brand new single "Stamina."

Baring their soul via artistic nuance and candid vulnerability, polished sound meets raw emotion in the form of Dead Lakesnew singlestamina.’ Out today via SharpTone Records, the impactful track sees the Pacific Northwest alternative rockers once again blur the lines between dreams and reality as they explore a topic that hits close to home for both the band and many listeners alike.

Produced by Toronto’s Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada, Like Pacific, Between You & Me) the wistful single sees Sumner Peterson (vocals), Chon Adam (drums), Cody Hurd (bass), and Coby Rossi (guitar) delve into the complex highs and lows of discovering that a once central relationship is in fact, not destined to be.

Packed with driving guitars, shimmering pop-infused elements, and heartfelt lyrics, the quartet’s latest offering swells with honest emotion that, alongside Peterson’s strong vocal delivery, fuels the valuable message behind the music.

“With this song I wanted to convey the way we affect each other as human beings,” the frontman elaborates. “The same relationships that were once healthy and made you feel at ease can turn into the relationships that keep you from focusing and cause you anxiety. It’s tough to recognize when the shift happens, and you realize those relationships aren’t beneficial for each other’s growth. There’s always a longing for things to work out when you invest so much emotionally.”

Watch the visualizer for ‘stamina’ here and stream the track here.


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The latest press image for the band Dead Lakes.
Photo courtesy of Chris Echols.

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