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Interview With Heidi Maria And Maria Peach

Updated: May 11, 2023

Hello, how would you describe your music in your own words for any person who has never heard it before? Heidi: Country folk layered with sweet harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and dynamic emotions. Maria: It's traditional country with melodic vocals and harmonies, relatable lyrics and an unwavering and strong and steady or steadfast beat

Press shot for the Canadian country artist Heidi Maria.

What are your influences? H: My mom and her band from Canada, The Peaches, were one of my biggest musical influences. Their family harmonies are incredible, as well as their songwriting. My mom bought me my first guitar and showed me my first chords. I also love a lot of the artists and bands that were on the same record label as they were, Periwinkle Records, like Cabbage Towne and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. M: First, my Mom and Dad. I loved listening to them sing. They both played instruments, and my siblings and I would sing with my Dad while he played guitar or organ. Next would be Elvis Presley. I love his musical style. I almost saw him play live one time. I was given tickets as a gift and wanted to go more than anything, but my manager had us booked at a venue the same evening, so sadly, I didn’t get to. I also love Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash.

What are your inspirations? M: Everything around me inspires my music. My family, children, love stories, nature, and life in general. H: Lately, my son. Also, relationships, heartbreak, love, emotions, nature (the beach) and cities.

If given the chance, what musician(s) would you like to collaborate with? Rather this is to either write a song or be featured on a track. H: I would love to write a song or be featured on a track with Gordon Lightfoot. That would be a dream. Stompin’ Tom would have been so cool too. I’d love to sing a duet with Terra Hazelton.

One more... When I was recording at the Sound Kitchen, Billy Currington was recording there as well. He was supposed to be in on the same day as I was, it was on a Monday, but he didn’t make it in. I wrapped up early and left Tuesday, so I never got to meet him. It would have been awesome to meet him and collaborate with him as well. M: If it could be anyone, Elvis Presley, Mickey Gilley, or Gerry Hall. I would also love to collaborate with Mickey Andrews, Wendell Ferguson, Gordon Lightfoot, Ian & Sylvia, and Willie Nelson.

Have you written any new material lately? What's the new single about? H: I haven’t recorded any new material lately, but I have a project that I have been working on called the “Tunnel Sessions.” It's a series of acoustic music videos that I release one at a time and tell the viewer a little something about the song. Just some fun facts or history about it. The videos are shot inside of a tunnel that has a lot of natural reverb. As a kid, I used to run through the tunnel and sing. I always loved how my footprints and voice would resonate throughout it. M: My latest single, “Pillow Talk,” is about people and romance.

Press photo for Maria Peach and her new single "Pillow Talk."

What's something you hope people take away from "Pillow Talk?" M: I would hope that the melody stays with them and that they feel happy after listening to it.

Do you have any favourite songs to perform live? Could be your own music or even a cover. Any reason why? H: Definitely. I love opening my sets with “Dream on the Run.” It was written by Gerry Hall of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. He passed away tragically. He was a wonderful songwriter, musician, and a close friend of a friend. I truly hope that with every time I cover it, his music continues to live on and reach new ears that haven’t heard of him yet, and that may never have if I wasn’t playing it. Or in the alternative, if anyone remembers him, I hope they smile when they hear it. M: Also “Dream on the Run,” which was written by Gerry Hall. Who was also a friend of a dear friend of mine. The song was released on the motion picture soundtrack for “Dream on the Run” and released on the same label that I was on, Periwinkle Records.

If you could perform a show this very second anywhere in the world, where would it be?

H: It’s beautiful weather outside today, so I would say one of the wineries or breweries in Niagara-On-The-Lake. M: Somewhere in Hawaii would be lovely.

What do you currently have planned for the remainder of the year? H: Shooting and releasing more “Tunnel Sessions” and writing. I have some new songs that I have been working on. M: Songwriting and singing to my first grandchild.

Thanks for taking the time to talk. Is there anything else you may want to add before you go? H: Check out my website. It has links to my music and social media to follow me and see what I’m up to. Thanks for having me! M: Thank you so much! I did want to mention our YouTube channel, where the lyric videos are posted for my latest singles.

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