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Interview With Rock Band Filmspeed

A rock n’ roll trio based out of California comprised of members, Craig Broomba, Nick Stout, and Oliver Dobrian. Filmspeed’s entire catalogue of music is all written, recorded, and produced by themselves. Originating in Michigan in 2004, trekking across the country to California, partaking on countless tours, and beyond, I had the opportunity to ask the band a few questions recently.

Press photo for California rock trio Filmspeed.

Is there any significance to the band’s name, Filmspeed? Sure there is! To sum it up: Life is going by faster and faster as we put more days behind us. The bits and fragments of daily occurrences we remember are like frames on a roll of film. Those “frames” will be the stories you share for the rest of your life, not the minute details. Always look at the bigger picture. Therefore we live life by Filmspeed. Has there ever been a band that’s just like, fuck it our band name is -looks around- Tissue Box?

How would you describe your band’s music for any person who may have never heard of Filmspeed before? We are an amalgamation of Foo Fighters, Cage the Elephant, and rock gods.

What is your musical influence? We live on a wide spectrum of influence. Ranging from Run the Jewels to Bonnie Wrait to Yngwie Malmsteen to Saves the day to CCR to your local friend band like Glass Radio. Honestly, I don’t know what doesn’t influence us. Whether it be a band so good we want to practice harder or a shitty band that shows us there’s a reason for all the hard work.

What are your musical inspirations? To be the best we can and achieve our goals along the way! It sounds cliché but in the end, you’re never going to achieve your goals if you don’t. Imagine a band that was like, “I woke up and found out I was in a famous band…..sick” It just doesn’t happen. Work hard, play hard, be merry.

If given the chance, what musician(s) would you like to collaborate with? Rather this being to either write a song or be featured on a track with. Oh, man! Craig and Nick would definitely pick Butch Walker. He’s a producer, singer, songwriter, master of all arts kind of guy. We know that we could go into his studio and create a damn good album. He’s someone that we have had in our sights since we moved out to California and until we have the budget and clout he will just be in our sights haha! As for Oliver, I’m sure that if Say Anything asked him to drum he would quit our band and block our cell phone numbers. Business-wise put us with Post Malone and I will never have to personally respond to another email in my life. Instant platinum plaques in my foyer.

So you guys originated in Detroit. How did it come about for you guys to move across the United States to California? How long after the band was formed did you make the move to California? Detroit is no place for a rock n’ roll band. If you love screamo, live in Detroit. But in these social media days, you need to be where your music community is. So it was either New York or California when it came to moving out of the Mitten. We chose California because the rent is a little cheaper and it’s damn near sunny 300 days a year. Craig and Nick originally moved out with an old pop-punk band, No One Goes Home. After a long stint (and a ton of baked goods cooked by our fan's mothers) we called it quits on pop-punk and decided to focus on music that we loved. Therefore creating Filmspeed.

Your sophomore album, Hexadecimal was released in 2017; do you have any plans for a follow-up? To be honest I don’t think we intend to release another full length anytime soon. The music climate changed years ago and now we’re onto this single release phase. So expect about 2-3 releases a year or about 6-8 songs. Considering we just released two early this year (Bless my soul and Shakey Love), we have one that’s about to be recorded, and then another 2 in pre-production. I’d say we're on track.

Your guy’s new single, “Bless the Soul,” is a few weeks old now, how has the reception been for the track? It’s been great so far! We have an awesome team around us (Punk Aristocrats and Awfully Good Records) and they have been kicking ass! Getting us special releases, press, and sponsors. Hats off to our crew and their unyielding support.

You’re fresh off a west coast tour of North America that included a single Canadian date in Vancouver, British Columbia. Was this your first ever time performing in Canada? Do you have any intention of performing more shows in Canada in the future? International touring band! It was our first time over that northwest border! Being from Michigan, Craig and I have been countless times to Canada but have never performed. It is definitely something that we would like to do again, we just need the tour scheduled, time off, and the budget fulfilled haha!

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you guys while on tour? Just this last tour the back of our vehicle opened up and 4 pieces of our gear went rolling out. This happened in Vancouver on Hastings street where they supply all the junkies with clean needles to shoot up. As we looked back, a city bus had to slam on its breaks before it ran over our stuff, the junkies came in for their taking like zombified cockroaches. Police showed up, we got some stuff back, but safe to say it was an experience we will never forget. You can listen to the full story on our podcast “Consistently off” on our SoundCloud.

Do you have any favourite songs to perform live? Could be your own music or even a cover. Any reason why? Last tour we wrote a song on the road dubbed “Same ole song”. The idea was to start the first date with just the idea and go with it. By the end of the 11 dates, it was a polished full song and is more than likely what we will be recording next. It’s a freight train of a song and just feels powerful coming off the stage. We love it.

What’s in store for Filmspeed for the remainder of the year? Recording every few months, local shows monthly, a couple of tours throughout, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Thanks for the time. Is there anything else you may want to add? Make sure to visit all of our socials @Filmspeedmusic or to get to everything we have available and don’t forget to listen to our podcast Consistently Off. Thanks!


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