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Interview With Frawley

I got the chance to sit down with singer-songwriter Frawley and talk about her music, her inspirations, and dream collaborations.

Press shot for the rising singer-songwriter Frawley.
Photo courtesy of Ashley Osborn.

What was the creative process like for "Crying My Eyes Out"?

Frawley: I wrote "Crying My Eyes Out" coming off the heels of a night out with my friends that went completely south. I was trying to get over a guy and just my luck I saw him out and with somebody new. The worst feeling in the world.

I went into the studio the following Monday in an attempt to write about the experience, but I ended up hating the song I wrote. It just wasn't right yet. I went back Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and it was all the same… The feelings were strong but the right words weren't there yet. I was about to give up and not even show up Friday, but I’m glad I did because that was the day I wrote "Crying My Eyes Out." I think with every day I tried to write about it, I was still processing the entire thing, so by the time Friday came around the words actually found me.

How did you decide on the artwork cover for "Crying My Eyes Out"?

Frawley: From the second I wrote the song, I knew I wanted glitter tears falling from my eyes! I sent over my idea to my incredible makeup artist, Amanda Wilson, and also my photographer, Meredith Traux, and they took my idea and ran with it! Amanda ended up making a Swarovski crystal tear prosthetic and Meredith captured it perfectly! Exceeded my expectations.

Do you have any inspirations that you pull from when writing your songs?

Frawley: For sure! I feel like there's always something crazy going on in my life at all times… Never a dull moment, so I’m always leaning into whatever I'm currently experiencing, whether it's heartbreak, having a good time, or even angst. There is so much to be inspired by when it comes to my life!

How did you feel when you found out your single "No One Can Fix Me" reached 47 million Spotify streams?

Frawley: That's just an insane number. I remember when my first single ever, "Hard Boy" reached 1 million and I almost had a heart attack, so to see a song of mine now have 47 million is incredible. I'm so grateful for that. I try not to look at numbers too often because sometimes it takes away from the beauty of making music and doing what you love just because you love it. But seeing so many people appreciating my work is a great feeling.

Your songs are relatable to so many fans, how Important is it to connect with them?

Frawley: Connecting with my fans means everything to me. I probably talk to them on social media more than I talk to my real life friends some days. They're just so supportive of me and my journey. They're also the most patient people on the planet haha. A lot of fans have stuck around for ages while I didnt release music, and that means the world to me. I'm very lucky to have them and that never slips my mind.

What did you enjoy the most while making the song "Crying My Eyes Out"?

Frawley: Recording the record for the final time was my favorite part. I did a quick same day demo the day I wrote the song and then a few weeks later, went back into the studio and recorded it for real. That day just felt extra special. I had been able to live with the experience, the feelings, and the song for a while at that point, so when it came time to sing it for the final time, I felt like I poured my entire heart out into it.

You covered some great songs, what has been your favorite song to cover so far?

Frawley: That's such a hard question! I have so many songs I love to cover, but my favorite to perform live lately has been "we don’t have to take our clothes off" by Ella Eyre - first recorded by Jermaine Stewart. Her version just speaks to me on such a deep level. It's sassy, but the music is emotional. I love everything about it.

You’ve collaborated with some amazing artists already, do you have any dream collaborations?

Frawley: I would die to do a collaboration with Jax Jones and also Central Cee. I'm a massive fan of both of them. I'm really drawn to the music that's being made in the UK at the moment, so if I were to be able to work with either one, that would be a dream! I’d get to finally tick that one off the bucket list!

Are there any other upcoming projects you’re working on?

Frawley: I’m currently in the studio working on a bunch of new records. I have so many new songs on the way and songs in the process of being written. I'm really excited for you guys to hear it all.


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