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Interview With Ramon Jackson

Note: This interview was conducted before the end of 2022.

What's the significance to your musical moniker? Ramon: I chose to use my real name. It's already a great stage name.

Press photo for R&B/blues artist Ramon Jackson.

What are your musical influences? R: My influences are broad. From the motown roster to blues greats like BB King, Albert King, and Bobby Blue Bland, all the way to today's artists like Lucky Daye.

What are my musical inspirations? R: Everything inspires me musically, but I definitely love mixing the styles of blues, gospel, soul, rock, and jazz.

If given the chance, what musicians would you like to collaborate with? Rather this is to either write or song or be featured on a track. R: One of my dreams is to work with Eric Roberson. He's what I consider the blueprint for independent artists. He's an incredible songwriter and producer as well. Do you mind telling me what the brand new album is about? R: Juke Joint is an album about the ebbs and flows of relationships and the relationship with myself as I deal with these ups and downs.

What’s something you hope people take from the songs on Juke Joint? R: I hope people will be inspired to love, laugh, and experience pain but still believe they can overcome anything and keep living. Which songs on the album were the most fun to write, and which were the most challenging to write?

R: Hmm... I think "Walk Out" was the most fun, and "Missing Side Toof." The most challenging would probably be "Been Kinda Rough" because it was written during a disagreement in a relationship.

Do you have any favourite songs on the new album?

R: The entire album is my favourite, honestly. Each song communicates a different mood I was feeling while in these relationships.

Do you have any favourite songs to perform live? Could be your own music or even a cover. Any reason why? R: "Don't Wanna Die By Murder" is my favourite to perform live. I definitely get to enjoy communicating my emotions with that song.

If you could perform a show this very second anywhere in the world, where would it be? Is there any particular cities or venues that comes to mind at all? R: Hmm... I think my dream show and venue would be the O2 in London. It's my favourite city, and it's an amazing venue.

What do you currently have planned for the remainder of 2022 by chance? If anything.

R: Right now, I'm gearing up for 2023 as I have a couple of shows in London in February then I start a residency in New York in March. Thanks for taking the time, Steve! Is there anything else you may want to add before you go? R: Thank you for having me. Don't forget to stop by my website and as always, you can find my music on all digital platforms.


Check out more from Ramon Jackson: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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