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Jaenna Cali - "Simply You" - Single

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Single artwork for Canadian indie pop artist Jaenna Cali's debut single, "Simply You."

Release Date: July 30, 2021 Genre: Indie Pop Label: Independent / Cali Creative Records

Jaenna Cali is a Filipina-Canadian singer, songwriter, actress, and producer from Canada. Jaenna has been writing music since she was eight years old. She's inspired by her own multi-cultural upbringing growing up in three different countries (Philippines, Dubai, Canada) and attending thirteen schools while growing up. Really any kind of intense emotional or significant moment in her life. As a result of the pandemic, Jaenna shifted her focus to writing, recording, and self-producing her music entirely from the comfort of her bedroom. Additionally, Jaenna is a mental health and body positivity advocate and hopes to be a positive role model for the next generation to help inspire them "to be who they are and make it true."

Lyrically, "Simply You" tackles self-identity, questioning your worth and insecurities. When Jaenna was around the approximate age of 14-18 years old, she would speak at youth conferences, leading inspirational and motivational talks. These would be centred around mental health, self-love, and rest. With her brand new debut single, Jaenna hopes to inspire the next generation and impact them in an uplifting, positive way that just doesn't translate properly through in spoken word.

"I wanted to tell her -my younger self- not to worry and that even though you don't have everything figured out right now, it will be okay," states Jaenna Cali. "To simply love, accept, and forgive yourself, and be simply you. 'You are enough.' The lyrics are words I needed to hear, and I'm sure a lot of people needed to hear too. Especially during a time when the world is being shaken by something like the pandemic."

Musically, "Simply You" begins with wind chimes rustling in the wind and birds chirping. A subtle acoustic guitar starts to ring out, and Jaenna begins singing, and her message instantly comes across. The track is a slow tempo, heartfelt, and sincere number. As "Simply You" builds, the use of piano comes into play and soon after, a strong, bassy drum beat fills it all in. There's also heavy use of harmonized backing vocals- that I would expect also offered by Jaenna. Jaenna's voice on the single is immense, powerful, but yet elegantly soft-spoken at the same time. The single runs three minutes and thirty-three seconds. However, on my many, many listens of "Simply You," the track doesn't feel its length and gives you this intense desire for even more music from Jaenna. Hopefully, more music is on its way from Jaenna very soon as she's currently honing her craft in self-producing her music.

"Simply You" is just a taste of much more to come from this up-and-coming indie-pop artist, producer, songwriter, and actress. Speaking of acting, alongside the release of "Simply You" comes a short film music video staring Jaenna. The track demonstrates intriguing songwriting that's subtle, powerful, and uplifting with positivity, something the world needs right now. I'm certainly ready to see what Jaenna has yet to release in her future releases and her forthcoming debut EP. Please stay in touch with Jaenna by visiting her social media in the links provided below and make sure to presave, stream, or purchase her brand new single when it hits all major music streaming services on July 30th.

Press image for British Columbia indie pop artist Jaenna Cali.

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