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Jassin Gharib - i guess that makes me the devil EP

Album artwork for Certified Depressant, the third EP from rising pop punk breakout Taylor Acorn.

The German genre-bending artist Jassin Gharib has readied the release of their most recent EP, i guess that makes me the devil, which is set to be released on April 26, 2024, via Besser-Samstag. Jassin Gharib's brand new EP, I guess that makes me the devil, offers a deep dive into the complexities of codependency and the struggle to break free from toxic relationships. The title itself hints at a journey of self-reflection and growth, drawing listeners into a world of raw emotion and introspection of Jassin's personal struggles.

The opening track, "i don't have co-workers, i have undiagnosed adhd and a superiority complex," sets the tone with its pop-punk vibes and introspective lyrics. Gharib explores the dynamics of romantic relationships, acknowledging their own shortcomings and the importance of communication in partnerships.

"with eyes wide shut and arms wide open" follows with a dynamic portrayal of love's tumultuous nature. The song captures the rollercoaster of affection and heartbreak, showcasing Gharib's experimental vocal effects and powerful chorus.

"manic pixie dream them" takes a playful turn with the intro featuring a barbershop quartet intro, delving into nightlife and the allure of falling for the wrong person. The track's funky groove and catchy chorus add depth to the exploration of toxic relationships.

Finally, the emo-drenched track, "we're angels for sure, we just can't stop telling lies" dives deep into the repetitive nature of making the same mistakes in relationships. Gharib candidly reflects on the struggles of navigating a tumultuous partnership, questioning the worthiness of holding onto something that ultimately holds them back.

Overall, Jassin Gharib's EP is a compelling narrative of love, loss, and self-discovery. With its raw emotion and introspective lyrics, I guess that makes me the devil is a captivating journey that leaves listeners reflecting on their own experiences with relationships and personal growth.


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The latest press photo of pop punk/metal artist Jassin Gharib.
Photo courtesy of Julius Gabele.

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