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Letters Sent Home Announce Debut Album 'Forever Undone' And Release New Single 'I hope I die first.'

German quartet Letters Sent Home have announced their new debut album Forever Undone set to be released on April 12 via SharpTone Records. The highly anticipated album features recently released singles, “Request Denied” and “Elements”, alongside nine ambitious and exciting new tracks.

Album artwork for German band Letters Sent Home's newly announced debut album, Forever Undone.

Forever Undone is available to pre-save now at

We have been told that people mostly like our music due to relatability and personality in our songs. We believe to have pushed this to an extreme, for this album is as personal as it could possibly get. I am truly nervous about some of these songs being heard by certain people but writing this album has been very therapeutic in the way that I finally started dealing with stuff I have been consciously and subconsciously ignoring for the past years,” shares vocalist Emily Paschke. “The title “Forever Undone” came to mind after the album was already finished. It is a lyric out of a song that’s on the album and it summarizes every track in its very own way. We feel like you are never going to be done improving yourself or healing and there’s always going to be something that’s broken inside but that’s the beauty of life. It’s what makes us human.”

Forever Undone Tracklist:

1. Earthquake

2. Request Denied

3. Ignorance

4. Pedestal

5. Elements

6. Hysteria

7. Seven

8. Gaslight

9. Sadists

10. Final Battle

11. I hope I die first.

Alongside the announcement, Letters Sent Home has shared their newest single, “I hope I die first.”. This powerful track captures both the beautiful and tragic aspects of love. The song itself is a double-edged sword — loving someone so intensely that you feel you can’t live without them.

“I hope I die first.” is available to stream now at with an accompanying music video at

On the new track, the band says, “’I hope I die first.’ is the first (and maybe last) ever love song we wrote. It is a love letter to the one person who gave me the strength to carry on and pretty much saved my life, but at the same time it portrays the toxicity of a codependent relationship. You can choose for yourself which side you want to see.”

Across three well-received EPs of “sad, hard music”, German quartet Letters Sent Home have made their name as a band who match infectious melody and huge choruses, with the lyrical depth and heart of people with a lot to say.

Formed while at school in Germany’s northern countryside in 2015, and becoming a serious project a couple of years later following singer Emily Paschke and bassist Lara Ripke’s time studying in North America, Letters Sent Home’s music – an energized mix of pop-punk, alt-rock, and emo – has served as a vessel for Emily’s inner turbulence. 

“The whole purpose of our music is that I'm talking about my personal trauma, and how you never actually fully heal from stuff that happens to you, but learn to live with it,” says Emily. “You may bear scars, but those scars are never going to fade fully. There's always something you can work on. I feel like you never you're never fully, completely satisfied or happy.”

All of this is set to music that’s as electrified and youthful as Emily’s lyrics are deep. Having primed themselves with their previous work and spending two years perfecting their craft with long-time producer and friend Julian ‘Polar’ Huisel, Letters Sent Home – completed by guitarist Robin Werner and drummer Louis Schramm – is embracing this opportunity and shooting their shot.


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Full band promo photo for German quartet Letters Sent Home.
Photo courtesy of Jana Boese.

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