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Rein - Encounters. EP

Release Date: September 30, 2021 Genre: Jazz, Contemporary, Classical Label: Independent The rising twenty-two-year-old Winnipeg-based, Philippines-born singer-songwriter Rein has returned with his third EP, Encounters. The brand new effort from Rein features four new originals and an arrangement of "So This Is Love" from Disney's Cinderella. Musically, the EP's five tracks are influenced by jazz, lo-fi, and vintage love songs. Rein is hoping that his brand new EP can soothe a broken heart or even inspire others to find love. Additionally, for Encounters., Rein takes plenty of inspiration from numerous renowned artists such as Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, and famed TikTok jazz singer-songwriter Laufey.

"I grew up mostly listening to vintage Disney songs, classical music, and jazz," says Rein. "I wanted to create music that can make people feel they're in a movie."

Encounters. is not far off from Rein's usual lo-fi, acoustic, R&B blended sound he's come into, but he incorporates more jazz than he has before. Opening with the openly honest track, "Picture Perfect," Rein sings about what his picture-perfect moment would be with a significant other. The song is of a slow tempo and minimalist with its soft drum beat. Following "Picture Perfect" is the tune, "Red String." The second track showcases the first of this new jazz incorporation into Rein's sound. The song has that '20s through approximately the '40s, vintage easy listening-style of jazz incorporated in its songwriting. Additionally, Rein uses some scat singing -also known as vocal improvisation on "Red String."

"I loved singing jazz and classical standards when I was a part of my high school vocal jazz group and concert choir," Rein continues. "I really want to incorporate the genres more in my songs in the future."

The third track featured on Encounters. is "Blue Skies." The track is more in the vein of a classical/acoustic ballad rather than jazz or R&B. It's also the only track to feature this style. "Blue Skies" showcases a beautiful string arrangement and plenty of acoustic string plucks throughout. With Rein's emotive, deeper octave vocals, the song showcases an intense, heartfelt and atmospheric tone that will pull at the heartstrings of its listeners. The number is a sure stand out on Rein's brand new effort. "Who Are You, Stranger?" follows as the fourth track. "Who Are You, Stranger?" is an interesting lo-fi number. Featuring just a soft drum beat and some piano- the song is another powerful love song. Encounters. closes out with Rein's rendition of "So This Is Love," from Disney's Cinderella. Rein uses his minimalist musical approach once again, and with the use of some vocal effects -or an older microphone- he gives his voice the effect of an old-timey sounding love ballad tune from the '50s and '60s. It's the shortest track on the EP at just a minute and thirty-four seconds long but is a mesmerizing track to close out this EP about finding love and mending a broken heart. Encounters. is once again a fresh take on Rein's abilities as a musician and songwriter. Rein is sure on the rise with each one of his releases. Encounters. again demonstrates Rein's widely intriguing songwriting style that pulls the emotions conveyed in the song's lyrics straight into the song's sound. You can stay in touch with Rein by visiting his social media in the links provided below and make sure to stream Encounters. now, as well as his previous two EPs and his debut album, Chase Me. All are available now on all music streaming and music purchasing services.


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