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Shawn Desman and Sofia Camara - Live In Winnipeg, MB

On May 30, 2024, the anticipation was palpable at the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg as fans gathered for what was set to be the biggest show of Shawn Desman and Sofia Camara's tour to date. Originally slated for The Park Theatre, the show sold out instantly, necessitating a move to the larger venue, where it sold out again! The result was a night of high energy, memorable performances, and undeniable talent.

Sofia Camara. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Rising Canadian pop artist Sofia Camara kicked off the night with a set that showcased her range and emotional depth. Starting her set with "Said It All," she immediately connected with the audience, her voice resonating powerfully through the historic theatre. Her blend of pop and R&B, infused with personal lyrics, created a captivating atmosphere.

Highlights of her set included "Ghost," where her haunting vocals left a lasting impression, and the upbeat "Don't Manner," which had the crowd dancing in their seats. Her rendition of ABBA's "Mamma Mia" was a delightful surprise, bringing a nostalgic yet fresh vibe to the evening.

The emotional peak came with her latest single, "Who Do I Call Now? (Hellbent)," where Camara's heartfelt delivery visibly moved the audience. She closed out her set with "Never Be Yours," and she left the stage to roaring applause, having set the bar high for the evening.

Shawn Desman. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

The man of the hour, Shawn Desman, took the stage next -his first time performing in Winnipeg in nine years- and from the opening notes of "Let's Go," it was clear the night was about to shift into overdrive. His charismatic presence and smooth dance moves immediately drew everyone in. "Night Like This" and "Get Ready" followed and as each song passed, the more the electricity in the room grew.

A standout moment during Desman's set was the performance of his forthcoming single, "Love Me With The Lights On," set for release sometime in July. The crowd responded enthusiastically, suggesting it will be another hit for Desman. His set continued with a mix of his biggest hits and fan favourites, maintaining high energy throughout.

Desman’s performance of Rick Astley's 1987 hit single "Never Gonna Give You Up" was a fun, unexpected treat, transforming the classic hit into a lively sing-along. He closed his main set strong with a duo of tracks, "Maniac" and "Electric," leaving the crowd buzzing with excitement.

For the encore, Desman returned to perform an extended version of "Night Like This," bringing the night to a perfect, euphoric close. The connection between Desman and his fans was undeniable, possibly making this concert one of the most memorable stops of the tour for him. The evening was a testament to the talent and star power of both Shawn Desman and Sofia Camara. The move to the Burton Cummings Theatre not only accommodated more fans to see his return to Winnipeg but also provided a grander stage for the artists to shine. From Camara's soulful performance to Desman's high-energy show, the night was a triumph, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to see these two artists live.

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