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The Suddenly Okay Tour: Blake Rose and Max McNown - Los Angeles, CA

On Monday, May 6th, Blake Rose brought The Suddenly Okay Tour to The Echo in Los Angeles. He was supported by Max McNown. The tour started on April 5th in San Francisco, CA and ended on May 8th in San Diego, CA.

Max McNown. All photos by Sabrina Shahryar.

Right before Max even hit the stage, the crowd started chanting his name. The fans were ready for him. Once he came out, he went right into it. He sang songs from his debut album, Wandering, which was released on April 12, 2024. Max performed a cover of a Noah Kahan song, which the fans absolutely went wild for. He ended his set with his song, "A Lot More Free," and after he left the stage, fans started cheering for him again. Max has such a great voice, you can see that he sings with a lot of heart and soul. That combined with his killer guitar playing made for an awesome show.

Blake Rose. All photos by Sabrina Shahryar.

Blake went on stage shortly after, and his energy was through the roof. He performed songs from his new EP, Suddenly Okay, as well as many of his other songs. He often would switch between playing guitar and the keyboard throughout his set. Fans were singing along and dancing the entire time. His set was fun and full of great energy, and he had incredible vocals. It was awesome to see Blake's progress as an artist. I saw him last year performing only with his guitar, supporting Lauren Spencer Smith on tour and now he's headlining his own tour with a full band behind him.

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