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The Free Label - M.I.A. EP

Artwork for Toronto-based boyband The Free Label's brand new EP, M.I.A.

Release Date: May 29, 2020 Genre: Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop Label: Independent Toronto-based, genre-defying and self-described boyband supergroup The Free Label have continued to solidify their musical path with the release of their second EP, M.I.A. The EP’s eight tracks hit you with numerous amounts of positive vibes if it’s from The Free Label’s endless catchy lyrics, or there at times melodic, groovy, experimental, genre-defying, and electrifying sound leaving you with what might be the soundtrack to your summer. The Free Label originally formed in 2017 as a funk cover band, before evolving into what you may know them as now, a multi-instrumental powerhouse comprised of four charismatic Canadian boys: Josh Daniel (vocals), Mathew Fantini (bass, vocals), Malik Mungo (guitar, vocals), and Cole Méndez (keys, vocals), who all sing and rap, in addition to playing their respective instruments. M.I.A was entirely self-produced by The Free Label, however, it was mixed and mastered by Gabe Galluci, who has previously worked on albums from Shawn Mendes and Francesco Yates, to name a few.

Two years ago in the Summer of 2018, The Free Label had an extremely successful single, “All Night,” that lead the band to head out on the road on a four-month-long tour throughout South America and Europe, which was followed by the release of their three-track debut EP, Lift You Up. Within the last few weeks, The Free Label released Quarantoonz Vol. 1, a mixtape in a series that was created and recorded throughout the months of March and April, while the band and all of us practiced social distancing in the comfort of their own homes. The band used this as an opportunity to flex their creativity and try something new. M.I.A focuses on the subject of transition, touching on relationships ending, complicated situations changing, and remaining focused on the future. This effort is a reflection of what The Free Label is capable of comprising as artists. The EP opens up with its melodious title track, “M.I.A (Money Isn’t Available),” a track full of a resonating guitar line, a catchy chorus, and mesmerizing beat. “M.I.A (Money Isn’t Available)” sets itself up as a party, feel-good anthem and is just a taste of what’s yet to come on the remaining seven tracks. “We just want to do it for the money / So we can even turn up on a Sunday / Ladies all around us sweet like honey / We don’t need to wake up on a Monday.”

The strident tune, “Oreo,” is the EP’s one and only full hip-hop track, while the track, “Up In Flames” also stands out on its own as one of the tracks with the slowest tempo. “Up In Flames” also features the sultry vocal performance from bilingual (English, Spanish) Toronto indie-pop artist, Oleyada. The two tracks, “Let Me Find A Way” and “Without You” are centred around groovy bass lines and will most certainly make you want to get up and move. However the track, “You Ain’t Got No Reason” while also being centred around a massive bassline and hypnotizing synths, takes the band back to their musical roots with a funky, and groovy anthem with elements that are something that resemble the likes of Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars.

The Free Label did not want to leave their successful 2018 celebratory anthem and highly catchy single, “All Night” off the effort. The track suits the entire project extremely well and is the perfect culmination for what the previous seven tracks on M.I.A touched on. M.I.A may have the possibility to be the soundtrack of this upcoming summer and “All Night” itself stands out to be the contender to be part of it, if not the entire EP. Since the original release of, “All Night” the song has surpassed the monumental achievement of 550,000 streams on Spotify. “Cause we’re ridin’, we’re drinkin’, we’re smokin’ / And we don’t give a fuck / We elated, sedated, crossfaded / And we be keepin’ it up all night.”


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