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The Midnight Echo - Dichotomy EP

Updated: May 25, 2021

Artwork for Dichotomy, the brand new EP from Ontario alternative rock band The Midnight Echo.

Release Date: April 17, 2020 Genre: Alternative Rock Label: Independent The Midnight Echo is an alternative rock band hailing out of Whitby, Ontario, and have returned with, Dichotomy, their follow-up EP to their 2017 debut album, Voyager. The Midnight Echo’s influences range through a variety of different bands in the likes of 30 Seconds To Mars, Angels and Airwaves, Blink-182, The 1975, and early Fall Out Boy. However, The Midnight Echo have created their own niche in the alternative rock sound by blending these influences as one collective whole. On top of The Midnight Echo’s spin on the alternative rock sound, the band is full of passion, intensity, angst, and emotion, which is vastly on display on Dichotomy.

On the five tracks of Dichotomy, the group examines the concept of going through difficult life experiences with a sprinkle of optimism within. The title of the EP reflects life in general, and the importance of experiencing both sides of the spectrum, as the highs associated with the good would not feel the same without the bad. The album opens with the highly infectious single, “Paris in 39” and dissects the dynamics of the different types of human relationships, and the balance that’s struck in between putting too little or too much into a relationship. In some form, everyone has experienced or will experience a relationship at an impasse, and the band wanted to shine the importance and difficulty in solving that impasse can sometimes be.

“Carbon Copy” is the EP’s standard break-up song, that touches on the feelings and emotions everyone goes through during those experiences that do occur at some point in one’s life. Track three, “Victim’s Mentality” is exactly what you may think it’s about. The band tackles the subject of an individual playing the victim card during a situation, and how damaging this type of mentality on display can be to any individual.

“How To Escape Reality” is a song that dives into the idea of art and the expression of art. The band wanted to discuss how important artistry in the world can be. Rather it’s from books, movies, video games, or most importantly, music. Every day you may use any of these art forms as a way to escape reality, no matter how long the escape is, these types of outlets by consuming or creating are in most times beneficial to an individual. In the fifth and final track, “Fever Dreams,” the band draws their experience and journey as musicians in an indie band, and work it into a piece of music. Specifically, The Midnight Echo wanted to highlight their constant struggle they’ve had to face along the way and their continued drive to push forward through all the thick and thin. This is certainly not the end for The Midnight Echo.


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