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Whatever You Break Tour: Texas King, Northern Royals, and Ex Omerta - Winnipeg, MB

As the night kicked off at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg on Thursday, April 27, 2023, the audience was eagerly anticipating the arrival of Texas King on stage after waiting well over a year for the tour to finally make its way to Winnipeg. The opening acts, Ex Omerta and Northern Royals got the crowd warmed up with their high-energy sets, setting the perfect tone for the headliner.

Ex Omerta. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Northern Royals. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

Finally, the moment arrived, and Texas King made their entrance to the stage to thunderous applause. They launched straight into their first song, "Circles," and from that moment on, the audience was hooked. With each song, the energy in the room intensified, with the band putting on a high-octane performance that had everyone on their feet.

Throughout the set, Texas King performed a range of tracks, from old favourites like "Only One" and "Whatever You Break" to newer releases like "Home," their latest single off their forthcoming EP, Capsize, out July 7, 2023. Each song was met with cheers and enthusiastic sing-alongs from the crowd.

Texas King. Photos by Samuel Stevens Photography

The band's musicianship was outstanding, with each member showing off their individual talents while still coming together to create a cohesive and powerful sound. Guitarist and lead vocalist Jordan MacDonald's vocals were particularly impressive, with his powerful voice soaring over the crowd.

As the night drew to a close, the band left the stage to rapturous applause, but the crowd wasn't ready to let them go just yet. After a couple of minutes of cheering and chanting for one more song, Texas King returned to the Park Theatre stage to perform two final songs, "You" and "Frontlines." The crowd sang along to every word, bringing the night to a perfect close.

Overall, Texas King's performance at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg on April 27, 2023, was nothing short of incredible. With their raw talent, boundless energy, and undeniable stage presence, they proved once again why they're one of the most exciting rock bands in the scene today.

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