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Def Jam Artist Aliah Sheffield Recently Dropped 'These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth' EP

Album artwork for R&B/neo-soul artist Aliah Sheffield's brand new EP, These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth.

Release Date: June 9, 2023 Genre: R&B, Neo-Soul Label: Def Jam Aliah Sheffield's latest studio offering, These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth, is an emotional and powerful journey that captivates listeners from start to finish. With a tracklist that reflects her unapologetic and candid lyricism, Sheffield presents a collection of songs that touch on themes of isolation, human folly, and the quest for freedom and authenticity. Aliah speaks about the album: "I would say that this EP is a sum of the overall sum of the human experience. It is just a whole EP about trying to be human in the very chaotic world." When it comes down to writing music, including the songs on this latest project, Aliah doesn't follow any sort of formula or routine. "I don't really follow a formula or a routine. I could be walking down the street like I was when I wrote 'Earth Is Ghetto,'" she admits. "I could be in my room, I could be in the Uber. I could be sitting at the piano, but I usually don't follow a formula. I just keep my voice notes out around me at all times because It just flies in my head," she continues.

The album kicks off with an atmospheric and moody intro track, simply titled, "Intro", setting the tone for the introspective journey that follows. "Earth Is Ghetto" then dives into a deeply reflective and thought-provoking exploration of anxiety, depression, and society's ills, highlighting the raw reality of human existence. Sheffield's haunting vocals soar above a backdrop of melancholic instrumentals, drawing listeners into her world of sombre reflection.

"Some Of Your People" showcases Sheffield's storytelling ability as she delves into the complexities of relationships and the struggles of human connection. The track's captivating melodies and soulful delivery make it an emotional standout. "Boo Boo The Fool" brings a dose of sassy energy to the album, blending clever wordplay with a catchy, laid-back groove that is sure to leave listeners nodding along.

"I Don't Like People" perfectly captures the album's overarching theme, offering an anthem for those who find solace in their solitude. The track's infectious chorus and bold attitude make it an instant earworm. "Never Drinking Again" showcases Sheffield's vulnerability as she lays bare her inner struggles, backed by a haunting and ethereal production that amplifies the emotional weight of the song.

"Good For The Money" picks up the pace with a more upbeat and energetic sound, diving into the complexities of success and the sacrifices that come with it. The track's dynamic arrangement and Sheffield's dynamic vocal performance make it a standout addition to the album. Finally, "Anti-Hero" concludes the record on a powerful note, serving as an empowering anthem that celebrates self-acceptance and individuality. Additionally, showcasing within the lyricism that every person isn't capable of being the perfect person.

Throughout These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth, Aliah Sheffield's songwriting shines, drawing inspiration from her own experiences and emotions while simultaneously providing a mirror for listeners to see their struggles and triumphs. Her vocals are both vulnerable and commanding, delivering each line with conviction and emotion. The production perfectly complements the album's lyrical themes, creating an immersive sonic experience that holds your attention from start to finish.

While the album predominantly leans towards a soulful R&B sound, it also incorporates elements of alternative and neo-soul, making it an exciting and refreshing addition to the contemporary music landscape. Aliah Sheffield's ability to infuse her music with genuine emotion and relatable narratives sets her apart as an artist to watch. One song that didn't make this project of Aliah's is one of her old songs she performed on YouTube in the past titled, "Nevermind The Moon." Which Aliah hopes to rerecord and put on a future project, "because of current circumstances in the world." Aliah continues, "I will definitely record that again and put it on an EP." While a lot of her lyrics on These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth come from such a personal place, Aliah doesn't only get inspiration from her experiences, In fact, she gets inspiration from pretty much anything. "It could literally be anything. I have one song where I was just like reading a Whoopi Goldberg article and I gained inspiration from that. Just from her saying, 'I don't want anybody in the house.' I was like, 'Oh, I like this,'" she shares. "Binge-watching a bunch of Marvel movies or stuff like that. I just get inspiration from literally anything that I'm doing. This zoom, this zoom could turn into a song," Aliah admits. "These songs are for anyone sick of Earth," Aliah conveys when asked about the reasoning behind the project's title. "When I was first uploading songs on YouTube, I would name the titles of the songs. Instead of naming the titles, I would just put what the songs they're about. Like even if you look at the 'Earth Is Ghetto' [music] video, the title for the 'Earth Is Ghetto' video is, 'This song is for anyone sick of Earth,' and I have this song is for anyone who wishes they were stupid, or this song is for anyone going to the lake," she discloses.

In conclusion, Aliah Sheffield's recently released album is a tour de force of emotional storytelling, carried by her exceptional vocals and evocative songwriting. These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth is an authentic and cathartic experience, and it solidifies Sheffield's place as a rising star in the music industry. With this record, she cements her unique voice, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what she will deliver next.


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Press photo for R&B artist Aliah Sheffield.
Photo courtesy of Dominique Hill.

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