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Arrows In Action - Built To Last

Artwork for Built To Last, the debut album from pop rock/alt rock trio Arrows In Action.

Release Date: May 26, 2023

Genre: Pop Rock, Alternative Rock Label: Independent Arrows In Action's highly anticipated debut album, Built to Last, produced and mixed by their longtime collaborator Dan Swank (Taylor Acorn, All Time Low), is a captivating journey through the ups and downs of growing up. Filled with a swirling blend of rock, '80s electric nostalgia, and alt-pop, the album presents an emotional rollercoaster of heartfelt lyrics that address the trials and tribulations encountered while searching for one's place in the world. The album opens with "Made For This," a high-energy pop-infused rock anthem that sets the tone for the record. "Over It" takes a more pop-oriented direction, exploring the stresses of life with contrasting and boisterous instrumentals. "High" follows, delivering a bass-driven, daydream-like experience with its psychedelic feel and genre-fluid sonic structure.

"Entropy" maintains the energetic atmosphere, driven by melodic guitars and a pop-driven sound. "The Credits" features guest appearances by Julian Comeau of Loveless and Joshua Roberts of Magnolia Park, adding an extra layer of intricacy to this brutally honest retrospective on lost loves. The track delves into the desire to rewrite the past and learn from one's mistakes, drawing parallels to editing a movie.

"Put You Through Me" reveals pure raw emotion, unveiling the band's vulnerability with infectious melodies, powerful lyrics, and sultry guitar licks. "Learned My Lesson" stands out as an infectious earworm disguised by its bubbly and summery alt-pop feel, conveying brutally honest insights about learning from past mistakes.

Featuring The Home Team vocalist Brian Butcher, "Wide Eyes" showcases a slightly different sound while building up with powerful vocals and intense instrumentation. "Seeing Red" introduces heavy guitar riffs and a full-blown hard rock approach, providing a change of pace in the album. "Beauty in the Fall" returns to atmospheric pop-rock vibes, captivating listeners with its ethereal soundscape.

"Checking In" strips back the layers, delivering a powerful and endlessly contagious earworm. The band reflects on the importance of keeping in touch with loved ones while navigating life's complexities. "Head in the Clouds" takes a similar stripped-back approach, reminding listeners to find solace and self-empowerment amidst life's challenges.

The album concludes with the title track, "Built to Last," a sincere and emotive tune that serves as a final testament to the band's stellar debut record. Through heartfelt lyrics and stripped-back instrumentation, Arrows In Action leaves listeners with a lasting impression and a sense of hope.

"Built to Last" is a testament to Arrows In Action's musical prowess and their ability to blend genres seamlessly while delivering poignant and personal stories. This debut album firmly establishes the band as a force to be reckoned with in the pop-rock scene, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what comes next.


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