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Chase Atlantic - Beauty In Death

Updated: May 24, 2021

Album artwork for Chase Atlantic's third album, Beauty In Death.

Release Date: March 5, 2021 Genre: R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop Label: Fearless Records

The Australian alternative R&B trio Chase Atlantic has returned with their third album, Beauty In Death. Since forming in 2014, the band has released seven EPs, two full-length albums, and accumulated over two hundred million streams on Spotify. The band has always pushed themselves creatively forward for every release. At the start, Chase Atlantic was a much different band than they are now. They once were pop-rock, but as they matured over the years, the band’s musical style followed. Chase Atlantic has always mixed elements of their rock influences by blending them in with elements of hip-hop. Now they’ve upped their game again by incorporating even more hip-hop and surrounding sub-genre elements into the mix. Adding all the new layers into their signature sound, Chase Atlantic pushes their sound further, for what is their most striking release yet. Following the same suit from the past nine releases, Beauty In Death was again self-produced by the trio.

At the beginning of 2020, the band had already begun the creative process for their new album. However, once it came down to recording the album, the band had to go a different route than planned. The regular studio they frequently use closed down because of restrictions related to the pandemic. Ultimately, the members decided to hunker down like everyone else inside their home, building a studio within it and recording it from there. It was the first time the three members -Mitchel Cave (vocals/bass/programming), Christian Anthony (guitar/vocals/programming), and Clinton Cave (guitar/saxophone/vocals/programming)- recorded everything at home since their 2014 debut EP, Dalliance.

Kicking things off is the conspicuous track, “PARANOID.” Quickly after the intro of the opening track ends, the band’s new sound of mixing elements of trap music into their R&B and psychedelic alternative pop comes out crystal clear. Over the hard-hitting beat, Mitchel Cave talks about flooding out his paranoia with alcohol and drugs. The band’s rock influence remains and comes into action to close out the track as drums flood in that weave with a marvelous guitar solo. On the boisterous trap number, “OUT THE ROOF,” the band flexes their happiness and hype side. Undoubtedly one of the most ambitious tracks to date. Chase Atlantic first made the instrumental for “OUT THE ROOF” and entirely freestyled the lyrics in the most natural way possible. Musically, “OUT THE ROOF” features heavily distorted, chugging guitar riffs with a bulky trap beat, and even uses Middle Eastern clarinet and flute to tie everything together.

The fourth track, “SLIDE,” delves into a metaphoric, very personal domain filled with turmoil and immense honesty. The song is the Chase Atlantic that you may already know and touches on living a fast-paced, reckless lifestyle and its negative consequences. While also how they can spring back from any circumstance. “PLEASE STAND BY” is a straight-up hip-hop track with more striking beats and instrumentals. Additionally, it features hip-hop artists and frequent collaborators Xavier Mayne and DE’WAYNE. On the genre-bending track, “MOLLY,” the band slow things down with a more profound pop learning number and tackle the difficult decision of whether to hold on to a deteriorating relationship or to let it go, even though they hold this thing so dearly.

Staying in the same lane as “MOLLY,” the following track on Beauty In Death titled, “CALL ME BACK,” is another brutally honest track that hears Mitchel asking for someone specific to call him back, who won’t return his calls either because they’re too busy or doesn’t want to. In the meantime, he’s upset and turns to substances to relax. Similar themes are touched on again on “EMPTY.” Lyrically, the band tackles the subject of falling back on drugs and using materialism as a form of an escape from reality, only to realize they never actually reached any feeling of happiness while owning everything they want and keeping their mind focused elsewhere. Chase Atlantic’s third album bows out with the mesmerizing title track, “BEAUTY IN DEATH.” The band takes you back on a trip with the final song, which is considerably reminiscent of The 1975. It’s the excellent blend of every element the band has ever blended to create their sound during their already storied career.

Beauty In Death demonstrates an artistic force forward with its implementation of more hip-hop and trap beats to the fold. It showcases their constantly evolving songwriting that will pay off for Chase Atlantic in the long run. All of the outstanding traits of R&B, alternative pop, and rich saxophone solos all remain while they flaunt a new innovative side of themselves. The band is finally in a space to show off a bit, so that’s what they did with their brand new record. The members of the band also hope to inspire their audience emotionally, creatively, and physically. They desire to connect with their listeners of new and old further and want you to do just the same with them. Please stay in touch with Chase Atlantic by visiting their social media in the links provided below, and make sure to stream and purchase Beauty In Death when it releases on March 5th.


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